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Application NumberDescriptionStatus
DM/2021/01665Abbey Cottage A466 Tintern To St Arvans Tintern Monmouthshire NP16 6SF - Ash tree at the front of the cottage to be felled.18/10/2021
DM/2021/01640Four Acre Field South Of Medhope; On The Corner Between Private Road To Medhope And The A466 Tintern - Low impact off-grid smallholding under the One Planet Development (OPD) planning policy, utilising regenerative land management practices. Comprising a zero carbon dwelling (traditional timber framed cottage with straw bale walls) and supported by surrounding land management including new orchards, horticultural area, wetland, hedges and 1.5 acres of new coppice woodland. Associated structures include workshop, porch/wood store, two small polytunnels and root cellar. Occupants commit to (1) low ecological impact lifestyle according to the 'One Planet' footprinting framework; (2) increasing biodiversity on site; (3) dwelling to be be zero carbon both in construction and use; (4) land-based business to meet Minimum Needs; (5) food self-sufficiency of at least 65% total needs with produce grown/reared on-site or purchased from proceeds of land-based business; (6) all energy and water needs (both domestic and business) met from the site without grid connections. Plans developed following extensive pre-planning consultation with MCC since Feb 2020.Current
DM/2021/01604Abbey Cottage A466 Tintern To St Arvans Tintern Monmouthshire NP16 6SF - Demolish old garage and replace it with a new.Current
DM/2021/01421Old Station Tintern Chepstow Monmouthshire NP16 7NX - Installation of new solar panels to roofs of existing railway carriages.Current
DM/2021/01416Old Station Tintern Chepstow NP16 7NX - Proposed installation of 2no. shower/toilet blocks, to serve site visitors and nearby camp site.Current
DM/2021/01381Great House West Grange Park House Trellech Grange Chepstow Monmouthshire NP16 6QN - Erection of a two storey extension following the demolition of existing aged attached extensions and existing timber conservatory plus associated works.Current
DM/2021/01342Gethley Barn Llan Y Nant Farm Trellech Grange NP16 6QN - Conversion of barn to dwelling and installation of sewage treatment plantCurrent
DM/2021/01308Cross Farm Pontysaison Tintern NP16 6TP -Modernise existing semi-detached farm house, including building a side extension on existing house [ground floor and first floor], addition of a lean-to greenhouse, addition of first floor doorway [fire exit] to rear of house spanning narrow gap to existing ground height. Addition of renewable energy sources [heat exchange pump and solar water heating panels on roof]Current
DM/2021/01293The Mill Abbey Mill Tintern Bridge Tintern Chepstow Monmouthshire NP16 6SE - Construction of single storey storage building.Current
DM/2021/01292Land To West Of Bay Cottage Main Road Tintern - Construction of two accommodation units for use by seasonal workers and as short term holiday letsWithdrawn
DM/2021/01291Land North-West Of Bay Cottage Main Road Tintern - Construction of site manager's accommodation (live/work unit)Current
DM/2021/01138Beechwood Trellech Road Tintern Chepstow Monmouthshire NP16 6SN - Two storey side extension, side walkway around extension, side extension to garage with new roof over entire garage, gate on driveway.06/10/2021
DM/2021/00458Brook Barn Trellech Road Tintern Chepstow Monmouthshire NP16 6SN - Proposed stable blockCurrent
DM/2021/00238Tintern Cross Pontysaison Chepstow NP16 6TP - Discharge of condition no. 3 of planning consent DM/2019/00987Current
DM/2020/01495 Land To The West Of The Royal George Hotel Forge Road Tintern Monmouthshire - A new 4 bedroom dwelling on land adjacent to The Royal George Hotel. Current
DM/2020/01035Ravensnest Fishery Ravensnest Wood Road Tintern Chepstow Monmouthshire NP16 6TP - Siting of a log cabin ancillary to the use of Ravensnest Fishery which meets the legal definition of a caravan under the Caravans Act 1968 Appeal
DM/2020/00311Land Opposite Old Park Cottage Gethley Road Parkhouse Trellech Monmouth Monmouthshire NP25 4PU - Amenity use for leisure and recreational purposes.Current
DM/2018/01912Land South of Abbey Hotel Monmouth Rd Tintern NP16 6SF - Proposed development of 3 no. residential dwellings and conversion of existing barn together with associated worksCurrent