Agenda for meeting on 4th Jan 2021

2300. Police Report
2301 Apologies for absence
2302. Declarations of interest
2303. Approval of minutes of previous meeting
2304. Financial Report
2305. Accounts for payment:-
Merlin Waste
Clerk's Salary & Expenses
Christmas Tree
2306. Planning Permissions
2307. Updates:-
A466 Future Closure
Tintern Business Forum
Business Resilience Forum
Wye Valley Villages Project
Highway 53.4, Pontysaeson
2308. Reports from outside bodies:-
Lower Wye Valley Building Preservation Trust
Fryer’s Wharf
Village Hall
Llandogo School
St Michael's Church
2309. Reports from Sub-Committees:- Finance – Discuss 2021/22 Precept
2310. Present & Approve Annual Return for 2019-20
2311. Tintern Ambassador Scheme
2312. Relocation of Litter Bin to Wireworks Bridge & installation of concrete pad
2313. Proposal for Wye Valley Internet Radio Station
2314. Issue with off-road bikes
2315. Continuing drugs issues in the village
2316. Correspondence
2317. Any Other Business
2318. Date of next meeting