Agenda for meeting on 22nd Feb 2021

2333.Police Report
2334.Apologies for absence
2335.Declarations of interest
2336.Approval of minutes of previous meeting
2337.Financial Report
2338.Accounts for payment:-
Merlin Waste
Clerk's Salary & Expenses
Village Website Hosting Fee
MCC - Dog waste bin
Digby Civils - Repairwork at Fryer's Wharf embankment
2339. Planning Permissions:
DM/2021/00118 - Barbadoes Meadows - minor alterations
2340. Updates:-
A466 Future Closure
Tintern Business Forum/Business Resilience Forum
Tintern Ambassador Scheme
Wye Valley Villages Project
Highway 53.4, Pontysaeson
Wireworks Bridge
2341.Reports from outside bodies
Lower Wye Valley Building Preservation Trust
Fryer's Wharf - Repairwork to the stream embankment
Village Hall
Llandogo School
St Michael's Church
2342.Reports from Sub-Committees:- Finance
2343. Film Crew at Tintern Abbey
2344. Tintern Fete
2345. Correspondence
2346.Any Other Business
2347.Date of next meeting