Minutes of a meeting of the above Council held on Monday 25th February 2019 at 7.00pm in Tintern Village Hall.

Present: Chairman Cllr Mrs Shewell, Cllrs Hayward, Hoskins, Hillard, Richards, Evans, Cobb, Ashman, County Cllr Mrs Webb and the Clerk. Members of the public - Mr Roger Hoggins, MCC.
2643. Police Report: Attached. No Police presence.
2644. Public Forum: Mr Hoggins, MCC present to obtain feedback from the open session re future A466 closures held the previous Thursday and at which five representatives from MCC had been present, but there was a disappointing attendance by members of the Business Forum. Cllr Shewell thanked County Cllr Webb for putting the session in place and also thanked Mr Hoggins for attending tonight. (See Agenda No. 2651 for report).
2645. Apologies for absence: None.
2646. Declarations of interest: None.
2647. Approval of minutes of previous meeting: Approved & signed as correct.
2648. Financial Report: BMM A/C £7,120.97, Community A/C £5,248.54. Amount spent to date on revenue £7,921, capital £5,911 making a total of £13,832.
2649. Accounts for payment:
Merlin Waste - £30 (Ch. No. 101151),
4UH – Village Website Hosting Fee - £59.99 (Ch. No. 101150),
Clerk’s Salary & Expenses - £302.98 (Ch. No. 101152),
Trellech United Community Council Training Course - £25 (Ch. No. 101153) – all approved.
2650. Planning Permissions: DM/2019/00022 – Listed Building Consent Heritage, formation of new access door, Old Station Railway & Picnic Site – approved.
DM/2019/00026 – New dwelling with associated garage at Tengboche, Glynwood Lane - approved.
Barn conversion at Penterry Farm is going to full planning committee next week.
2651. Updates: A466 Future Road Closures – Cllr Shewell reported that an open meeting was held on Thursday 21st February 2019 for the public and businesses to make representations to MCC. MCC Highways had previously stated they were planning to start work on Site 2 (Livox) on the 8th April 2019, therefore the road would be closed for 7 weeks but with the road being opened again over Easter. Site 1 (Wyndcliffe) closure would not commence until September for 7/8 weeks. Mr Hoggins explained however that if the road was re-opened for Easter the contractors would have to move the machinery off site and there is nowhere secure nearby for it to be stored. There may therefore be a possibility of MCC delaying the closure of Site 2 until after Easter. TCC were disappointed if this were to be the case as it then takes the closure into two bank holidays. They also understand that tenders for the work have not yet gone out and as the closure is due to start in a few weeks they are concerned at yet more possible delays.
Both TCC and the Businesses would prefer the second closure due to start in September to be delayed until early next year as early autumn is the busiest time for tourism in the village. The businesses would be seriously impacted by two closures in a year at the peak of their trade and some may not survive. TCC requested that work commence on Site 2 immediately following the Easter Bank Holiday with the contractors being requested to work 7 days per week and long hours to ensure the work was completed as soon as possible. Further, TCC requested Site 1 closure be delayed until next year. Mr Hoggins explained that ecological surveys and licences may have run out if the second closure did not commence until next year, but will check on this. Cllr Hayward stated that TCC had asked for the signs to be in English first, but this is not possible; there will probably be two separate signs. Cllr Ashman asked if TCC could have copies of the progress plans when available and also whether they would be available to inspect on-line. Cllr Cobb asked if TCC could be given regular updates whilst work was in progress. Cllr Richards explained that the Fete Committee would have to look at possibly cancelling the 2019 Fete if the road closure was still likely to be in effect at the end of June.
Mr Hoggins agreed to go back to MCC and pass on TCC;s request to commence work on Site 2 after Easter and then report back to TCC on updated final plans and timetables.
Cllr Shewell asked if there was likely to be another drop-in session and she was informed by County Cllr Webb that this could be a possibility next spring
Affordable Housing Site – Completion has been slightly delayed until w/c 18th March. The houses were open for bidding at the end of January.
2652. Reports from outside bodies: Lower Wye Valley Building Preservation Trust – The Trust have made significant steps forward in producing plans and documents relating to their request to purchase from TCC the freehold of the Slipway and an area of surrounding land. Copies of these documents will be circulated to Councillors in readiness for a presentation by Mrs Wood & Mr Hewitt at the March meeting and subsequent discussion.
Village Hall - Maintenance Day held 23rd February with some new volunteers attending. Next Maintenance Day 30th March. Future Events – Easter Bingo 9th April, AGM 6th April, Easter Egg Trail in April and a possible Village Picnic. A sub-group has been set up to focus initially on new equipment and safety fencing for the playground and also set up a Just Giving Page on Facebook. Cllr Shewell informed her that she had been notified by Jan Pain from the Church that there is funding available for Dementia Playgrounds if the Hall Committee wished to explore this. Cllr Cobb stated she would liaise with the committee and follow this up if required. The Hall is being painted outside in June.
Llandogo School – Mr Bob Dagger, the Deputy Chair of Governors, has decided not to continue on the governing body following the end of his four year term.
St Michael’s Church – The roofing contractors have now finished work and signed it off. The Diocesan Committee have met and come back with a list of questions relating to the interior decoration in time for their next meeting in early March. Hopefully a decision can be made by the end of March so a tender can be submitted.
2653. Reports from Sub-Committees:- Finance – Discuss donation to Fetes & Festivals. Notification received from Dr Vanessa Dodds on behalf of the Festivals Association that the Sacred Site & Sound Festival will not be held this year. The committee are planning a concert of Pilgrim Songs instead and have asked if TCC would consider either giving part of TCC’s Fetes donation to this concert or hold the sum over for the 2020 Sacred Site & Sound Festival. As TCC had set aside £500 in the 2019/20 Budget for Fetes they agreed to set aside £500 for the 2019 Village Fete and £500 in 2020 for the 2020 Sacred Sight & Sound Festival. Clerk to inform Mrs Dodds.
2654. Monmouthshire Review of Community Boundaries Report: This had been circulated to Councillors for comments. TCC had previously said they happy for Penterry Ward to be passed to St Arvans but would want to keep Trellech Grange Ward. Clerk to reply stating that TCC’s previous recommendations do not appear to have been taken into account and given the weight they deserve. They do not understand the cost implications and cost savings and also feel a reduction in the number of Councillors would not enable the council to conduct their business properly and fulfil community expectations and demands. There are also implications for redrawing the Local Development Plan, especially with regard to the area of outstanding natural beauty which is specific to Tintern.
2655. Support for Business Development (Interactive Information Board): Meeting of members of the Business Forum, two members of the Wye Valley AONB, Cllr Richards, Cllrs Hillard and/or Ashman will be taking place on the 19th March to discuss this. Clerk to invite two members of AONB to then attend a future council meeting (hopefully April) to make a presentation on possible ideas.
2656. Correspondence: MCC Draft Toilets Strategy Report. Clerk write and clarify that TCC do not own the toilets and confirm they are owned by Cadw and leased by MCC. Phaedra Cleary, MCC re complaint about unsuitable vehicles using Glynwood Lane – MCC have reviewed the area and cannot support additional height or weight restriction regulatory signs at the extremities of Glynwood Lane.
Notes from February Chepstow Cluster Meeting.
Independent Remuneration Panel Report 2019-20.
Wales Air Ambulance – request for donation. Councillors agreed to give £50.
Waters of Wales – Rights of way restoring the record 2026 training day. Cllr Ashman will attend on 24th March. Clerk to book him on the course.
Judith Langdon, MCC re free planning aid training day. No one able to attend as it clashes with next council meeting.
Green Lane 53-17 & 14, Penterry to Tintern – Reply received from MCC saying they are due to start work to make the lane safe end of February.
2657. Any Other Business: Cllr Cobb reported that the inside of the noticeboard at the bottom of Trellech Road is loose. Cllr Hayward offered to check on this.
Cllr Hoskins reported there is a wind blown tree overhanging the road between Coed Beddick and Hazelgrove. Clerk report to Forestry Commission.
Cllr Richards reported that the next fund raising Quiz for the Fete is 23rd March in Llandogo. She also encountered some bikes using the footpath above Chapel Hill Church recently and informed them that they were not supposed to ride on footpaths. They asked where else they could go.
2658. Date of next meeting: 25th March.
There being no further business the meeting closed at 20.40.