Minutes of a meeting of the above Council held in Tintern Village Hall on Monday 29th April 2019 at 7.00pm.

Present: Chairman Cllr Mrs Shewell, Cllrs Hayward, Hoskins, Hillard, Richards, Evans, Ashman, Cobb & the Clerk. Members of the public – Mrs E. Wood, Mr. J. Hewitt, Mrs Paula Gibson, Mr. R. Parsons.
2674. Police Report: Attached. No Police presence.
2675. Public Forum: Mrs P. Gibson and Mr. R. Parsons were present to speak regarding the planning application for the Building Plot at Forge Road. Their main objections were the loss of parking to the hotel, flood risk, ecological and archaeological impacts, lack of relevant surveys and background information and unsympathetic design of the building in a conservation area.
2676. Apologies for absence: County Cllr Webb.
2677. Declarations of interest: Cllrs Hayward, Hillard & Shewell re 2683 (LWVBPT).
2678. Approval of minutes of previous meeting: Approved and signed as correct.
2679. Financial Report: Community A/C £4,735.36, BMM A/C £7,124.25. Refund of £1,340.45 received for VAT.
2680. Accounts for payment:-
One Voice Wales subscription - £118 (Ch. No. 300104), Merlin Waste - £30 (Ch. No. 300105),
Data Protection Registration Fee - £40 (Ch. No. 300106), Wye Media - The Map - £1,594.80 (Ch. No. 300107), G. H Boulton – Internal Auditor Fee - £75 (Ch. No. 300108), Clerk’s Salary & Expenses – £350.65(Ch. No. 300109) A. Ashman – Travelling Expenses - £38.70 (Ch. No. 300110). - all approved for payment.
2681. Planning Permissions:-
DM/2019/00113 – Building Plot, Forge Road (rear of Royal George Hotel) – Councillors had serious concerns about the loss of parking to the hotel and complete lack of information regarding flood risk, ecological and archaeological impacts. Greater attention needs to be given to the fact it is in a conservation area as the design of the building is not sympathetic and in keeping with the local area, in terms of scale and design. They also felt that the Design & Access Statement does not fulfil all the conditions under Policy H3 (infill).
TCC formally object to approval of this application and would therefore ask that the application goes before full planning committee and also that Planning Officers come out and meet with councillors.
DM/2019/00485 – Agricultural Notification only – Track at Llan-Y-Nant Farm.
Tengboche, Glynwood Lane site inspection is 12.15pm on 3rd May. Cllr Richards will attend. Cllr Ashman too.
2682. Updates:-
A466 Future Road Closure - MCC have confirmed that the first closure (Livox) due to start on the 7th May should last for 7 weeks. The second phase has been rescheduled for Spring 2020 as a result of feedback from the public drop-in session which made it clear that September was not a favourable time.
Report back from Business Forum Meeting re support for business development & future presentation by AONB – Cllr Richards has suggested some dates to Sarah Sawyer for her to attend a Business Forum meeting to enable everyone to come to a decision on what areas the businesses might value support. Probably 14th, 15th May or 21-22nd May. * Agenda for May.
2683. Reports from outside bodies:-
Lower Wye Valley Building Preservation Trust – Presentation by LWVBPT re possible purchase of the freehold of the Slipway at Fryer’s Wharf. Mrs Wood & Mr Hewitt were present to formally ask if TCC would be willing to sell to the Trust the freehold of the Slipway and a small area of adjacent land which includes the site location for the new SPS and embankment. Cllr Shewell asked Councillors if they were happy for TCC to sell an area to the Trust, subject to suitable terms being agreed. All Councillors agreed that providing terms were right they would agree to this sale. Cllr Shewell proposed and Cllr Evans seconded that a Valuer be appointed to carry out a valuation of the site in question, at which Mr Hewitt would like to be present. Once this has taken place a meeting will take place between Cllrs Shewell, Hayward & Cobb to go through the details. Mr Hewitt explained that the Trust have obtained three Solicitors quotes for the legal work required to complete the transaction and agreed to give formal instructions to Rebecca Arbourne at Gwyn James. Village Hall - AGM held where a new chairman, Helen Carter, was appointed. Easter Bingo was successful. Easter Egg Trail to raise funds for playground regeneration, at which about 90 children participated. Maintenance Day this coming Saturday. Two new noticeboards for hall notices. Car boot sale for Fete funds 6th May.
Llandogo School – no report.
St Michael’s Church – AGM after Palm Sunday Service where plans were made for the future. All questions answered re the faculty. Putting in a full size window by the priest door.
2684. Reports from Sub-Committees: Finance - Approve Terms of Reference for committees. (This is a requirement of the Auditor). All Councillors approved this.
2685. Angiddy Furnace Site: Request for extension of the Ancient Monument Scheduling on the remainder of the site. Despite requests for this extension since April 2012 when Cadw said they were happy to granted listed building status on the whole site, no progress has been made. Since then, despite being chased, this has not happened. Email received 26th April from Will Davies at Cadw agreeing that the rest of the site should be scheduled. They are preparing a report on the excavations but this will take some time due to staffing resources, consents, grants, etc.
2686. Revised Draft Affordable Housing SPG: Following the adoption of the new Local Development Plan MCC are consulting on the revised draft affordable housing supplementary guidance (SPG) which was adopted in 2014. This is available for public consultation until 28th May when responses must be received. Cllr Richards commented on MCC’s policy for the orientation of infill as they say all new dwellings should be oriented to the south. This contradicts their policy that infill is in keeping with adjoining properties.
2686. The Map: Printed and distributed.
2687. Correspondence: Wye Valley AONB re River Festival 2-17 May 2020. Abergavenny Town Council re possible options for dog waste bin emptying. Monmouthshire Adopted Local Development Plan consultation on draft infill development supplementary planning guidance.
SLCC re training seminar 20th June.
2688. Any Other Business: Cllr Richards reported that residents of Chapel Hill Road are not getting their garden waste collected. When contacted MCC say they cannot get up the lane and promised to send a different vehicle on a different day. Clerk to contact MCC and ask them to explain what the position is re garden waste collection.
Cllr Cobb reported she has had complaints about dog fouling on the area outside the oap bungalows. A resident asked that a “no dog fouling” sign be erected. She informed them that as the properties were in the ownership of Monmouthshire Housing they should contact them.
Cllr Hillard re camp site, Botany Bay. General plans to develop the site further with a new shower and toilet block, similar to what is already there. MCC planners have already been approached with preliminary proposals.
Cllr Ashman re new Definitive Map. Clerk to chase Ruth Rourke, MCC as to its whereabouts.
2689. Date of next meeting: AGM 20th May.
There being no further business the meeting closed at 20.07.