Minutes of a meeting of the above Council held on Monday 20th May 2019 at 7.00pm in Tintern Village Hall.

Present: Cllr Hayward in the chair, Cllrs Hoskins, Richards, Evans, Cobb, Ashman, County Cllr Webb and the Clerk. Members of the public – Mr Andy Langton.

2691. Police Report: No report.

2692. Public Forum: Mr Langton present with a request to use the small area of garden below the Filling Station Café at the Folk on the Lawn. Cllr Hayward suggested he approached the VHC as they manage the garden, but TCC do not have any objetions. Cllr Cobb explained their next meeting is next week and she will bring it up then and report back to it.

2693. Apologies for absence: Cllr Shewell.

2694. Declarations of interest: None.

2695. Approval of minutes of previous meeting: Approved & signed as correct.

2696. Financial Report: Community A/C £7,917.21, BMM A/C £7,124.25. Amount spent to date on capital £1,329, revenue £1,077.02 making a total of £2,406.02.

2697. Accounts for payment:-
Valley Calligraphy – artwork for the map - £680 (Ch. No. 300111)
Merlin Waste - £30 (Ch. No. 300112)
Came & Co Parish Insurance - £362.29 (Ch. No. 300113). 3 Year agreement proposed by Cllr Richards, seconded by Cllr Evans. All Councillors present unanimously agreed.
Clerk’s Salary & Expenses - £325.07 (Ch. No. 300114) – all approved.

2698. Planning Permissions:-
DM/2019/00679 – Furnace Farm, modification of Condition 1 (extension of start date of work for further 5 years). Original application (DM/2015/00024) for conversion of barn to holiday let with associated works). No objections, approval recommended.
DM/2019/00709 – Valley Springs, Whitelye. Remodelling of existing garage to accommodate 1st floor studio/home office space. Approval recommended.
DM/2019/00643 – Lagreach, Botany Bay. Single storey extension, loft space, additional garage & alteration to existing dwelling. Approval recommended.

2699. Updates:- A466 Closure – Site 2 Livox works commenced on 7th May 2019. MCC had promised to give TCC weekly updates on progress of the work. Clerk to request this from MCC. Cllr Cobb commented that large vehicles are attempting to go up Upper Glynwood Road, getting stuck and damaging the road. Councillors felt that the Residents Only sign at Forge Road was misleading as all roads are public roads and should be open to all traffic. Cllr Richards proposed TCC ask MCC to make all motorists aware of this fact. Anyone trying to stop members of the public using the road are acting unlawfully.

Lower Wye Valley Building Preservation Trust – Clerk had contacted two Valuers, one of which would charge £450 + VAT. Awaiting a price from the other Valuer.
Village Hall - Maintenance Day was successful. Next one in June. Car boot sale for the Fete at which the VHC provided the teas, cake and books made over £400.
Llandogo School – No report.
St Michael’s Church – No report.

2701. Reports from Sub-Committees:- Finance. Consider adequacy of insurance cover. The Clerk met the Internal Auditor on 29/4/2019 when he carried out an internal audit of TCC’s accounts and accounting statement for the year ended 31st March 2019. He recommended that insurance adequacy be regularly considered. Clerk to circulate a copy of the policy to Cllrs for discussion at the June meeting.

2702. Discuss Mandatory Allowance Payments to Cllrs: Under new IRPW recommendations an allowance can be paid to Councillors for expenses. If Councillors do not wish to receive this allowance they must sign a form to opt out of receiving payment. All Councillors present except Cllr Richards opted out.

2703. The Cot: Cllr Hayward reported that industrial waste is being burnt on the land at Fairoak Nursery Farm. County Cllr Webb explained that the Enforcement Officer is aware of the case.

2704. Shipwrecked Mariners Charity Land Mine: Clerk contacted the Charity on 14th May to enquire progress by the Charity on relocation of the mine. Reply received saying the Anchor Inn want the mine moved as soon as possible. The Charity wished to know whether TCC could re-site it. Cllr Hayward suggested it be re-sited on Fryer’s Wharf. All Cllrs agreed to this proposal. Clerk inform the Charity of this. Cllrs Hayward & Hoskins arranging to relocate it.

2705. Discuss Dog Waste Bin emptying proposals from MCC: Abergavenny Town Council had asked for representatives from our cluster area to join a small working group to work through the issue of getting a better dog waste collection system. Clerk to ask Abergavenny Town Council if they require individual council representatives or a cluster group before a decision is made whether to send a representative from TCC.

2706. Correspondence: Bobath Childrens Therapy Centre – letter of request for donation. Councillors felt a local charity might be more suitable to support.
Mrs Fiona Wilton re keeping the village tidy when major events take place in the village. Cllr Evans commented on the untidy state of the former Abbey Hotel. Cllr Richards explained that she had spoken to Mrs Wilton and the Fete Committee have agreed to put some polite signs up.
Monmouthshire Homesearch – Housing Allocation Policy drop-in session.
MCC Waste & Street Services – changes to waste recycling centre opening times.
Wootton Tree Consultancy – offer of tree surveying services.

2707. Any Other Business: Cllr Richards reported that the Duck Race will be held on the 2nd June, 1pm at Brockweir Bridge. She also reported that Fiona Wilton had contacted her informing her that the Welsh Government have a £30 million pound grant to spend on road improvements and safety. County Cllr Webb will pass this on to Roger Hoggins.
Cllr Ashman reported that the Friends of Old Tintern Station have disbanded and started up under another name with contacts changing.
Cllr Evans re safe speed system. Negotiations still ongoing but looking less likely that we will have the system in the village. He also reported on the closure of the Severn Bridge Website. This had been closed, but having written to Nick Ramsay about the matter the website is being reinstated.
Cllr Hayward re Sunday buses. A resident had reported that these are not running through Tintern any more on Sundays while the road closure is in place, but are dropping passengers off at Trellech. County Cllr Webb and the Clerk will report this to Richard Cope, MCC.
Cllr Hayward received a complaint of an overgrown hedge between Sunnybank and Abbotswood. Clerk report to Martyn Evans, MCC.
Cllr Hayward received a comment about the wording on Richard White’s grave at St. Mary’s Churchyard. The wording used on the plaque was copied from the original wording.

2708. Date of next meeting: June 24th.