Minutes of a meeting of the above Council held on Monday 24th June 2019 at 7.00pm in Tintern Village Hall.

Present: Cllrs Hayward (in the chair), Hillard, Evans, Richards, Cobb, County Cllr Webb & the Clerk.
2709. Police Report: Attached. Farm break-ins still occurring, please be vigilant.
2710. Public Forum: No one present.
2711. Apologies for absence: Cllr Ashman, Hoskins, Shewell.
2712. Declarations of interest: Cllrs Hayward & Hillard re 2718 (LWVBPT).
2713. Approval of minutes of previous meeting: Approved & signed as correct.
2714. Financial Report: Community A/C £6,519.85, BMM A/C £7,128.08. Amount spent
to date on capital £2,509, revenue £2,529.18 making a total of £5,038.18.
2715. Accounts for payment:-
Merlin Waste - £30 (Ch. No. 300115),
Plants for planters - £56.48 (Ch. No. 300116),
Cllr Richards – Annual Cllr Allowance towards expenses - £150 (Ch. No. 300117. Trellech Grange Church - Churchyard donation - £125 – (Ch. No. 300118), Penterry Church – Churchyard donation - £125 (Ch. No. 300119),
Tintern Churches – Churchyard donation - £250 (Ch. No. 300120),
Chairman’s Home Allowance - £300 (Ch. No. 300121),
Clerk’s Home Allowance - £350 (Ch. No. 300122),
Clerk’s Salary & Expenses - £340.75 (Ch. No. 300123),
Tintern Village Hall – Room Hire - £40.00 (Ch. No. 300124),
Kevin J Toombs – Valuation of Fryer’s Wharf Slipway - £325 (Ch. No. 300125), – all approved.
2716. Planning Permissions:-
DM/2019/00603 – Dwelling on Land between Chapel Cottage & Gower Cottage, Glyn View – approval recommended subject to comments and conditions as these had to be submitted by 17th June.
DM/2019/00833 (Agricultural Notification) – Log Store, Woodland to east of Trellech Road. DM/2019/00902 – Rear/side extension, Old Cider Mill Cottage, Trellech Road. Approved. DM/2019/00723 – Listed Building Consent, Old Cider Mill Cottage. TCC had no objections provided the alterations are benign & reversible and recommended approval.
Update on DM/2018/01912 – Land south of former Abbey Hotel for 4 dwellings, conversion of existing barn & associated works. This application is currently invalid as there is no Drainage Report with the application. Clerk chase Huw Jones for an update on the original application. Is he planning to resubmit the application that is currently invalid.
2717. Updates:-
A466 Road Closure – Notification received from MCC that the due to difficulties they are
experiencing onsite the works will not be finished by the end of June. Successful tests have been undertaken to overcome the issues of grout loss around the anchors and they are proceeding with the revised installation method. They anticipate works will be finished and the road opened on the 19th July. County Cllr Webb explained that 24 hours a day working is not possible. Cllr Richards passed on a request made by the businesses that if there are future open consultations they would like to be contacted via the Business Forum.
Shipwrecked Mariners Charity Land Mine – This has now been relocated to Fryer’s Wharf. The Charity have asked if TCC would be prepared to carry out some refurbishment works to the mine and take charge of banking the donation money on a yearly basis. Clerk reply confirming TCC are happy to do this provided the Charity reimburse them for any costs involved.
Tintern Business Forum – Meeting held 12th June at which Roger Hoggins, MCC was present to give an update on the A466 closure, plus two representatives from AONB. The main guest speaker was Sarah Sawyer from AONB who gave a presentation on the 2020 River Festival. The new App they are preparing in conjunction with Cadw to encourage visitors and also link in with the businesses, was also discussed, as was the fact the village could apply for grant funding from the SDF for improvements to the village to help support businesses. Next meeting of the Business Forum 8th July. Cllr Richards explained that she had brought up again with Mr Hoggins the request for a pedestrian route through the village and he confirmed that he is talking to the Chief Executive of AONB regarding it.
Speed Monitoring System – Cllr Evans had a meeting with the new Police Inspector last week. It looks as if, following his advice, the safe-speed system is a non-starter. Cllr Evans has since spoken with the Clerk of Usk Town Council and they have a road marking and speed camera system which seems to be working. He had contacted Roger Hoggins & Paul Keeble for details about this scheme, but is still awaiting a reply. He asked County Cllr Webb if she could get a response from them. Cllr Hayward raised the issue of the flashing speed signs in the village which are still not working, despite several requests to MCC. County Cllr Webb will raise this with them. Cllr Evan also reported they now have a Speedwatch space on Forge Road.
2718. Reports from outside bodies: Lower Wye Valley Building Preservation Trust – Valuation of Slipway. Kevin Toombs, Chartered Surveyor, had been requested to carry out a valuation on 20th June which he did, attended by two Cllrs, the Clerk, Mr Hewitt & Mrs Wood. His valuation report is awaited. Cllr Cobb explained to Cllrs that TCC needed to obtain a proper valuation before a sale of the Slipway to the Trust could be considered and she proposed & Cllr Evans seconded that TCC pay the fee. All Councillors present were in agreement. Clerk to raise the cheque and inform the Trust.
Village Hall – Maintenance Day last weekend. The VHC will be running the tea room at the Fete. The Playground Refurbishment Project will also have a stall at the Fete to raise funds. Exterior of the Hall is being painted in July. VHC have a new fund raiser avenue collecting crisp packets, popcorn packets, Pretzel packets. New Yoga Classes starting this Thursday evening in the Hall.
Llandogo School - Meeting of Governors shortly.
St Michael’s Church – Now have the faculty which means they have the planning permission.
2719. Reports from Sub-Committees: Finance - Consider adequacy of insurance cover. Clerk to ask Insurance Company to send a representative to meet with the Finance Committee.
2720. Update of Risk Assessment Report: Cllr Evans & the Clerk carried out an update in May. Clerk & County Cllr Webb to ask Carl Touhig. MCC to remove the bin on Forge Road as it is in a state of disrepair.
2721. Correspondence: Sewerage problem in River Wye – Welsh Water have achieved 35 dry days within the catchment which is significantly better than last year’s performance and suggests any infiltration/flow removal work completed in the catchment was successful.
2722. Any Other Business: Clerk reported overgrown verges & non-collection of refuse on Chapel Lane on 17th June (Service Request No. 3934398).
Cllr Richards reported that when she spoke to Sarah Sawyer she informed her that AONB were planning to re-treat the JKW again in the village and asked if TCC were planning to do another application. She was informed this had been a 2 year programme so TCC would be grateful if they could do it. Cllr Richards also reported that it is the Fete on Saturday 29th June so any offers of help would be greatly appreciated.
Cllr Cobb reported that the VHC had enquired of MCC Planning Dept whether planning permission would be necessary for the proposed Playground equipment refurbishment. They had been informed that this constitutes permitted development for a community council and TCC could apply for a Certificate of Lawfulness for the work.
Cllr Evans reported on a rumour circulating that the 69 bus service was stopping at the end of the month. County Cllr Webb confirmed this was not the case but she would check. She then gave an update on enforcement matters.
Cllr Hayward reported that the hedges between the Scout Hut & Botany Bay turning on the Trellech Road hedges are overgrown and need cutting. Also, the 40mph sign on the A466 near Tintern Old Station is totally obscured due to an overgrown hedge. County Cllr Webb will report.
2723. Date of next meeting: July 29th.
There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.16.