Minutes of a meeting of Tintern Community Council held on 29th July 2019 at 7.00pm in Tintern Village Hall.

Present: Chairman Cllr Mrs Shewell, Cllrs Hayward, Hillard, Richards, Evans, Ashman, Cobb, County Cllr Webb & the Clerk, Mr. David James, MHA.
2724. Police Report: No Police presence and no crimes to report.
2725. Public Forum: No one present.
2726. Apologies for absence: Cllr Hoskins.
2727. Declarations of interest: Cllrs Hillard & Hayward re 2733 - LWVBPT.
2728. Approval of minutes of previous meeting: Approved and signed as correct.
2729. Financial Report: Community A/C £4,612.62, BMM A/C £7,128.08. Amount spent
to date on Revenue £3,060, Capital £2,834 making a total spend to date of £5,894.
2730. Accounts for payment:-
St Michael’s Church PCC – Reissue of cheque for Annual Graveyard donation - £250 (Ch. No. 300127). Previous cheque wrongly made out and now cancelled.
Merlin Waste - £30.00 (Ch. No. 300128)
ROSPA Playground Inspection- £94.80 (Ch. No. 300129)
SLCC Membership - £89 (Ch. No. 300130)
Clerk’s Salary & Expenses - £309.90 (Ch. No. 300131)
Cllr Evans Travelling Expenses to meeting - £13.19 (Ch. No. 300132) Tintern Festivals Association - £500 (Ch. No. 300133)
– all approved.
2731. Planning Permissions: DM/2019/00603 – Land between Chapel Cottage & Gower Cottage, Glyn View, Tintern – Delegation Panel Site Meeting31st July. Cllr Richards to attend.
2732. Updates:-
A466 Road Closure – The closure has been extended until 2nd August due to engineering difficulties. Drilling and stabilisation works are being hampered by very poor ground and challenging conditions but the amount of men, plant and machinery onsite has been increasing. The current staffing level has been assessed by the Contractor to be at maximum safe working level for such a confined site and given the type of work involved. As of 22nd July the engineers have about 20 of the problematic anchors left to install (3-4 days work), after which they will be on the netting and profiling. Road should be open on time but initially it may be under temporary traffic lights for a few days. Cllr Shewell thanked Cllr Ashman for the report following the site visit he attended. She asked if he was happy for the report to be put on the website. This he was in agreement with. Cllr Richards had been asked by a business owner that we request a full work force there 7 days a week in future. Cllr Ashman explained the drilling restricted this. Cllr Shewell suggested representatives of MCC Highways be asked to attend a future council meeting (September). Clerk ask Steve Baldwin if he/the contractor are happy for Cllr Ashman’s Report to be put on the website to reassure the public what the work has involved.
The next closure was discussed which is scheduled to take 7-8 weeks. County Cllr Webb has asked Paul Keeble & Roger Hoggins about the possibility of getting the work postponed for a year, ie Spring 2021.
The rumoured future closure of the A466 at Tintern Old Station and Bigsweir for resurfacing will not take place until Spring 2020 and at Brockweir for Autumn 2020.
Tintern Business Forum: Meeting held 8th July. Principal items discussed were the 2020 River Festival, Regeneration of the village and Sustainability Fund Grant Priorities to assist in going towards improvements in the village. It was agreed that the main priority for this grant is improving visitor signage. Several members are going to form a marketing sub- group, one idea being that the village becomes a dog-friendly village. Sarah Sawyer of AONB will be attending the next meeting in early September. Cllr Richards asked if the Visitor Signage Report done in 2014 could be circulated to businesses. Cllrs Shewell & Cobb agreed to look at it and report back as to whether it is in order for it to be circulated. If so all Cllrs were happy for the Report to be circulated. Cllr Shewell raised the question of the Planters and suggested that their upkeep could perhaps be sponsored by the Business Forum. Speed Monitoring System/Pedestrian Safety: Since the Safe Speed System has been dropped Cllr Evans has met with Usk Town Council and the Police and a different solution is being proposed - speed limit reduction from 30mph to 20mph throughout the village, texture on the road surfaces at village entrances, replacement of existing SIDS and cutting back overhanging foliage on pathways. The £3,000 set aside in TCC’s budget will be put towards this. This system will hopefully include the Trellech Road and Forge Road. All Cllrs were happy for Cllr Evans to proceed with this.
2733. Reports from outside bodies:-
Lower Wye Valey Building Preservation Trust – Discuss Valuation of Slipway which has been received from Kevin Toombs. A second valuation has not been forthcoming and it was agreed this is needed for TCC’s protection. Clerk to contact another Agent for a valuation. Inform the Trust TCC will consider their offer but require the second valuation.
Village Hall – Maintenance Day took place and the outside of the Hall has been painted. Village Fete – Held 29th June on an exceptionally hot day, but was still a successful Fete. Cllr Shewell thanked Cllr Richards for her efforts in organising the Fete.
Llandogo School – no report.
St Michael’s Church – Family Service held for the Brigade. Still awaiting Architect’s tender document for the restoration
2734. Reports from Sub-Committees: Finance - Consider adequacy of insurance cover. Cllr Hillard spoke to the Insurance Company to clarify the basis of the cover and was informed it is for Public & Insurers Liability and is on a new for old basis.
2735. Report back from July Cluster Meeting & Lower Wye Valley Area Committee Meeting: No one was able to attend the Cluster Meeting. Cllr Ashman attended the Lower Wye Valley Area Committee. The main discussions were the road closure and Highbeech Roundabout and suggestions for alleviating traffic congestion, mainly in Chepstow.
2736. David James from Monmouthshire Housing Association: Present to get feedback from the recent development and discuss the potential for more development. Also to update on the allocation process. There were 75 bids in total, of which 12 were valid. He has been approached by an Agent re a piece of land in the village opposite the existing affordablehouses and adjoining Bay Cottage, which may be a possibility. He asked if TCC were happy for him to look further into it and they confirmed they were. MHA have spoken with the owner of the former Abbey Hotel and they have assigned someone to look at costs, etc on part of the site.
2737. Diversion Order from MCC for Footpath 64/119, Botany Bay: Cllrs were happy with this. Clerk inform Shaun Pritchard.
2738: Wireworks Bridge over River Wye: Gloucestershire County Council had informed TCC that they had closed the bridge temporarily to vehicular traffic as their Structures Team had deemed it unsafe for vehicles. They cannot yet confirm the duration of the closure and the nature of any planned works. Brian Watkins had offered to meet Councillors on site and a date is awaited.
2739. Local Development Plan & Growth & Spacial Options: Welsh Government are in the process of making an Order which will formally adopt the final proposals as published by the Local Democracy & Boundary Commission as previously circulated to Councils. These will not take effect until the next set of ordinary elections in 2022. Hopefully the Order will be made as soon as possible so the Commission can undertake a review of County Council Ward Boundaries and have them completed prior to the 2022 elections. Cllr Richards brought up the issue of Monmouthshire having a work force with dual economy which is one of the challenges MCC face. It was felt that MCC make a lot about protection of historic areas, but do not appear to have fulfilled this. They are also trying to get people out of cars.
2740. Community Defibrillators: On the 6th July 2019 an incident happened in Sylvan View where a male in his 50’s suffered a cardiac arrest. Whilst community members delivered CPR a neighbour drove to the defibrillator located at the Wye Valley Hotel. Following directions on the cabinet she rang 999 to get the access code. She was informed that unless she could give the postcode of the defibrillator they could not verify the location and give out the access code. Clerk email the Welsh Ambulance Serviceand request that if they change their policy for access they notify us. Cllr Richards explained that St John’s Ambulance attended the Fete and offer first aid training courses and will be contacting local communities.
2741. Request for reduction in speed limit Forge Road: A request had been received from residents of Forge Road for a reduction in speed limit to 20mph. This has been addressed under the proposed Speed Monitoring System and can hopefully be incorporated with this proposed system. Cllr Evans reported the Speedwatch have carried out two speed monitoring sessions up Forge Road and no cases were reported.
2742. Compliance & GDPR: Cllr Shewell stated that a proper procedure is needed to ensure that what is posted on the website is suitable for publication. It was felt that anything that is to go on the website needs to be approved by the Chairman and a Compliance Officer be appointed by TCC. Cllr Cobb was proposed and all Cllrs were in agreement with this.
2743. Health & Safety/Risk Assessment: TCC need to make sure they are assessing all risks and taking the appropriate action where necessary. Cllr Evans was proposed and agreed to take on the post.
2744. Correspondence:
MCC Rights of Way – Notification of Definitive Map Modification Order, FP 381/72
& Bridleway 381/64, Penterry Farm. No comments. Clerk notify Richard Garner. A466 Future Resurfacing at Brockweir, Bigsweir & the Old Station.
Carl Touhig, MCC - changes to rounds for waste collection from certain properties. Gloucestershire County Council – Minerals Local Plan for Gloucestershire 2018-2031/ Main Modifications Consultation.
Gloucester Harbour Trust – Summer 2019 newsletter.
Cadw – update re Angiddy Furnace Site.
One Voice Wales – National Flood Strategy for flood & coastal erosion risk management.
2745. Any Other Business: Cllr Evans reported there is a glazed window frame outside a property in Forge Road which has been there for several weeks. Clerk to look into this.
Cllr Cobb reported that residents have raised concerns of vehicles still using the Wye Bridge while the temporary closure is in place.
Cllr Ashman reported that there is a sign on Ferry Farm gate advertising camping. This is Gloucestershire CC problem and not something TCC can do anything about.