Minutes of a meeting of Tintern Community Council held on 19th August 2019 at 7.00pm in Tintern Village Hall.

Present: Chairman Cllr Mrs Shewell, Cllrs Hayward, Hoskins, Hillard, Richards, Cobb, Evans & the Clerk.
2747 Police Report: Attached. No Police presence.
2748 Public Forum: No members of the public present.
2749 Apologies for absence: Cllr Ashman, County Cllr Webb.
2750 Declarations of interest: Cllr Shewell re 2754.
2751 Approval of minutes of previous meeting: Approved and signed as correct.
2752 Financial Report: Community A/C £3,225.73, BMM A/C £7,128.08. Amount spent
to date on Capital £3,009, Revenue £3,668, making a total spend to date of £l6,677.22.
2753 Accounts for payment:-
Herefordshire Council - AONB Study Tour - £15 (Ch. No. 300134)
Merlin Waste - £30 (Ch. No. 300135)
Clerk’s Salary & Expenses - £266.05 (Ch. No. 300136) – all approved.
2754 Planning Permissions:-
DM/2019/00998 – Barn at Llan-Y-Nant Farm, Trellech Grange – Approved.
DM/2019/01280 – Monkstone, Chapel Hill Road – installation of 3 Velux roof lights and gable end window. Approved.
Update following site meeting of the Delegation Panel at Land adj Chapel Cottage, Forge Road. Principal objection is that the property will be above the height of adjoining dwellings and their right to light might be compromised. Planning Committee felt a bungalow may suit better, but the applicant wants to keep the application in its present form. It will therefore be presented and determined by the Planning Committee on the 2nd September.
2755 Updates:-
A466 Road Closure – The road is now open although traffic lights at the site were still in place temporarily. These have now been removed. There will be a meeting of MCC Highways on 20th August regarding the possibility of delaying the next stage of works until 2021. TCC reiterated their request for this closure to be delayed until 2021.
Speed Monitoring System/Pedestrian Safety – Cllr Evans has prepared a poster to be circulated to residents and businesses asking for their support for the proposed system. 20 supportive responses received to date. The poster will be in the next issue of the Tintern News. Sarah Sawyer, AONB had sent a link to a traffic calming feasibility study done in Llangollen which has some good ideas. She informed TCC that a grant for SDF Funding for improved signage would be unlikely to succeed. She thought the request for the 20mp speed limit might be more successful, ie a study or a holistic approach of how things can be moved forward. Cllr Evans is in the process of requesting a meeting with MCC Highways re TCC’s proposals.
2756 Reports from outside bodies:-
Lower Wye Valley Building Preservation Trust – Clerk still trying to obtain a second valuation. Cllr Cobb felt that if we had exhausted numerous avenues of a second valuation the one already obtained was sufficient. Other Cllrs felt a second valuation should be sought so the Clerk was asked to continue trying to obtain one. Cllr Shewell reported that TCC’s Solicitor had asked for an update as WW are chasing them for a progress report. She explained that TCC have agreed to a sale of the Slipway as a lease was too onerous.
Village Hall – Hosted the Garden Club Show on 10th August. Outside boundary wall is being renovated. Table Top Sale 15th September. Xmas Craft Fair 1st December.
Llandogo School - No report.
St Michael’s Church – Have now gone out to tender for the restoration works and hope to start the interior works Nov/Dec to finish work end of June/July.
2757 Reports from Sub-Committees:- Finance – No report.
2758 Wye River Bridge: Site meeting held 14th August attended by two Cllrs and the Clerk and two representatives of Glos CC. Following advice from their Structures Team the bridge has been closed to vehicular traffic. They are in the process of obtaining a detailed inspection report to ascertain what work needs doing but no work is likely to be undertaken until the next financial year. They are not prepared to open the bridge again due to safety issues and are looking into alternative routes for the owners of the two farms to use to gain access to their land. They agreed to keep TCC regularly informed and also give advance notice of closure when they get to the stage of doing work on the bridge. Clerk ask Mike Johnson, GHT if he knows of any funding possibilities to advance the project. Also County Cllr Webb.
2759 Correspondence:
BT re proposed removal of telephone box at The Cot. Clerk put notice on TCC’s website, Tintern News, Penterry website and noticeboard.
Sarah Sawyer, AONB re SDF Funding and Tintern Bridge. Homemakers Charity – request for donation.
2760 Any Other Business:
Cllr Evans – A resident had brought up several issues with him - The Cot width restriction has been ignored. Potholes on alternative routes during the A466 closure caused by extra traffic are causing problems. Ask County Cllr Webb to raise this again. Rubbish bags at the top of Abbey Farm drive are not being collected. Clerk to report to Carl Touhig, MCC. Cllr Evans also reported that TCC emails are secure, but private emails are not and do not subscribe to GDPR. It is important the correct TCC email addresses are used.
Cllr Richards – When MCC changed the date for Chapel Hill Road collection they did not get any collections for several weeks, overgrowth from the hedge into the lane being one problem with lorries gaining access. This has been reported and hopefully been resolved. The next Business Forum Meeting is on 17th September at 10am in the Royal George Hotel, starting with a walk-about to look at what can do in terms of improving the look of the village.
Cllr Hayward re roadside verge between The Rectory and The Manor which is growing into the road. Clerk report to MCC, Martyn Evans.
2761 Date of next meeting: 30th September.