Minutes of a meeting of Tintern Community Council held on Monday 30th September 2019 at 7.00pm in Tintern Village Hall.

Present: Chairman Cllr Mrs Shewell, Cllrs Hayward, Hoskins, Hillard, Evans, Richards, Cobb, Ashman & the Clerk. Members of the public – Mr Roger Hoggins & Mark Hand from MCC, CSO Andrew Jones.

2762. Police Report: Attached. Speed monitoring carried out on September 11th, 80 vehicles clocked, 6 doing over the speed limit. Mr Jones has spoken to Go Safe and hopefully the van will be present more in future. The Police now have a new Rural Crime Team and he distributed leaflets showing the crimes they deal with. Cllr Shewell asked if the Police would support a request for a 20mph speed limit in the village. Cllr Evans explained that they have already agreed to this. Mr Jones said the Welsh Government are looking into bringing in 20mph speed limits in more built-up areas in the future and MCC are also hoping to bring this in in the Wye Valley area.

2763. Public Forum: No one present.

2764. Apologies for absence: County Cllr Webb.

2765. Declarations of interest: Agenda No. 2771 re LWVBP Trust.

2766. Approval of minutes of previous meeting: Approved & signed as correct.

2767. Financial Report: Community A/C £8,310.82, BMM A/C £7,131.63. Amount spent to date on capital £3,009.00, revenue £3,964.77 making a total of £6,973.77.

2768. Accounts for payment:-
TCC Website Hosting Fee – Direct Debit - £71.86.
Merlin Waste - £60.00 (Ch. Nos. 300137 & 300140).
Village Hall Room Hire - £30.00 (Ch. No. 300138)
Clerk’s Salary & Expenses - £342.70 (Ch. No. 300139) – all approved.

2769. Planning Permissions: DM/2019/01396 – Proposed Loft Conversion, Ty Gwyn Cottage, Glynwood Lane – approved.
DM/2019/00113 – Resubmission for Land to west of Royal George Hotel, Forge Road. When originally submitted in May 2019 Cllrs had serious concerns about various issues.
This is now a resubmission with additional ecological information, change of position of house and retention of trees. Respond saying TCC’s position remains the same as in our original letter.
Cllr Richards attended planning committee site visit re Application DM/2019/00603 (Land adj. Chapel Cottage, Forge Road and subsequent planning committee meeting in County Hall. Application has now been approved.

2770. Updates:-
A466 Future Road Closure – At a recent Business Forum Meeting it was agreed that County Cllr Webb would ask MCC & the Consultants, David Davies and Nick Ramsay if they would be prepared to attend a meeting with TCC and possibly the Business Forum to explain future plans as, despite TCC’s request for a delay in the second closure until 2021, it looks likely that MCC still favour March 2020. Mr Davies had already intimated to Cllr Evans at a Speedwatch Meeting that he would be prepared to attend such a meeting. Mr Hoggins explained that Mr Mark Hand will be taking over his role as he is moving to another department and Carl Touhig is also joining their team. Cllr Webb recently attended a meeting with Paul Keeble & Steve Baldwin and MCC have commissioned WSP, the Consultants, to investigate the feasibility of delaying the works until 2021. Mr Hoggins said a more detailed update will be given in January but he is unable to give a definite answer today. Cllr Shewell requested that if the closure is going to be in Spring 2020 could MCC let TCC know the duration of the closure and whether work would be completed by Easter, as if not would it be possible for the road to be open at weekends/bank holidays. Mr Hoggins agreed to check but thought it may be possible. Cllrs Shewell & Richards asked if TCC could be informed as soon as possible so that businesses have enough time to plan ahead and the River Festival is also being held early May 2020 so this will draw a lot of visitors. Mr Hoggins agreed to feed this information back and ask Steve Baldwin to take this up with the Consultants and come back to us. Cllr Hoskins raised an issue with regard to the first closure regarding the top rocks. Mr Hoggins explained there is a wire hawser around the top rocks this end. Cllr Ashman also reported the retained wall on the wall has been damaged by a passing lorry.
Speed Monitoring System/Pedestrian Safety – Email received from St Arvans Community Council asking for our support to a joint meeting with MCC and other adjoining community councils. Cllr Evans has responded to this email and the Clerk also replied saying it would be discussed at the September meeting. Mr Hoggins also responded saying they are looking at a joint scheme for road safety works to be done in several villages, also incorporating signage, pedestrian safety and transport, to enhance the Wye Valley. He has written to the relevant County Cllrs to see if they are interested in attending a joint meeting with St Arvans, Devauden, Trellech & Tintern to discuss if it would work and also try to get AONB on board. Cllr Richards explained she has been in discussions with AONB about looking at SDF Funding to improve pedestrian safety. Cllr Shewell reported that there had been a meeting recently with residents of the Angiddy Valley and David Davies totally unrelated to TCC. She asked Mr Hoggins that if they get approaches from a splinter group in future could they let TCC know. Cllr Ashman asked whether operatives could be in attendance early enough when there was a risk of flooding over the road due to high tides and whether MCC were responsible for clearing the road afterwards. Mr Hoggins replied that if there was enough sediment and flotsam left their operatives do clear it. It was suggested David Davies, Nick Ramsay and MCC representatives be asked to the October TCC meeting or a meeting early November – Clerk ask CllrWebb to set this up.
Wye River Bridge – Update received on 13/9/2019 from Gloucestershire County Council saying a future plan for the bridge has been agreed with Structural Engineers at MCC to keep the bridge open for pedestrians only. Both Councils have commissioned Atkins to produce a design for pedestrian access only plus 3 monthly monitoring of the bridge and 6 monthly vegetation clearance of the timber planks. Email received 30/9/2019 from Mr & Mrs Simpson with a letter from a structural engineer regarding the bridge. They ask for TCC’s continuing support in keeping the bridge open for vehicles. Clerk circulate report to Cllrs and forward it to Glos CC along with TCC’s request for the bridge to be re-opened for vehicular traffic. 

2771. Reports from outside bodies:-
Lower Wye Valley Building Preservation Trust – AGM 17th October at 7.30pm in Village Hall. Clerk email Mrs Woods explaining that TCC cannot dispose of a publicly owned asset on the basis of one valuation and have been unable to get any other valuations so far. Do they have any suggestions to move forward with the sale of the Slipway to the Trust?

Village Hall – Successful Table Sale held 9th September. Profit made of £260. Craft Fayre 1st December. Next event - Halloween Spooktacular 27th October. The Tintern Tots Group is no longer running.
Llandogo School – Cllr Evans is now the Vice-chairman of the Governors.
St Michael’s Church – Tenders for the restoration work now received which need to be gone through. Patrol Festival yesterday. Harvest Festival/Family Service 13th October. Been approached by Monmouthshire District Scout Council to organise a Remembrance Service with scouts from the Monmouthshire District in Tintern Abbey on Remembrance Sunday. The Lads Brigade will also be involved. The scouts have made ceramic poppies which they will set up in The Abbey around the time of the service.

2772. Reports from Sub-Committees: Finance. Completed audit received.

2773. Approve & accept Annual Return for 2018/19: The External Auditor has completed their audit of TCC’s finances. Annual Return now presented to the Council for approval and acceptance. All Councillors agreed to its acceptance.

2774. Request for right of way over car park at former Abbey Hotel: Email received from Mrs Fiona Wilton regarding right of way over former Abbey Hotel Car Park. As part of the proposed development of the property it is planned to build on this route. Mrs Wilton has concerns how MCC will manage the flood alleviation at the Coldwell next to Layman’s View and has already been in contact with Shaun Pritchard of MCC. She is prepared to do the work in setting this in motion, but Cllr Richards asked if TCC would in principal support and lead this. Cllrs felt there is already a right of way over Chapel Hill Lane and TCC could not as a Council actively support this. They would have no objection if she wished to proceed as an individual.

2775. Report from Business Forum Meeting: At meeting held on 17th September several topics were discussed, namely the 2020 River Festival, SDF Grant Funding for improvements to the village, marketing of the village and A466 future closure. Sarah Sawyer, AONB gave updates on the River Festival and developments with The App. Items noted following village walk-through - vegetation along pavements, up walls, over-flowing from gardens and blocking river views. It was suggested that possibly a working party could address some of the issues and Richard Secular had volunteered to arrange this. Cllr Shewell reported she had spoken to County Cllr Webb and MCC will be clearing the footpath from Deadman’s Corner to Abbey Farm. The Town Council have asked businesses and residents to take up responsibility for keeping an area outside their property tidy and asked if TCC would support or take the lead on this. Cllr Shewell suggested reminding the community through TCC and the Village Website that there is a strimmer, lawnmower and litter picking equipment available for community use.
Sarah Sawyer had suggested an overall plan of roadworks be drawn up with a phased approach using SDF funding. Cllr Richards explained that street lights and litter bins need painting, interpretation boards are out of date (AONB to follow up) and pavement outside Abbey Mill is breaking up.
Clerk report lights to MCC Lighting. Cllr Richards will ask Richard Secular to check which bins need resiting and repainting.
The Business Forum is working to get the village Dog Friendly and a logo is being produced which the businesses will be able to display as window stickers and put on their websites. There will be a small charge for the stickers to cover the printing cost. It was felt that there were not enough dog waste bins in the village, but Cllr Richards reported that the waste can be placed in general waste bins. A sticker on the bins making this clear could provide a solution.
Cllr Richards explained there is no mechanism for arranging finance for the Business Forum and as the group is under the auspices of TCC these finances should be managed transparently. Cllr Shewell suggested that if there is anything that funding is required for the Forum ask TCC if they are prepared to fund items.
The Forum are wanting to promote Tintern at Xmas and are planning a concert around the Xmas tree on the evening of 30th November. They appreciate that TCC will not wish to purchase a second tree, but feel the best location for this concert would be under a second tree located on The Leytons Field. Also a Xmas Lantern Workshop planned on the morning of 30th November. Next meeting of the Forum 8th October to discuss Xmas arrangements.

2776. Correspondence: MCC Countryside – views on rights of way improvement plan. MCC Sustainability Policy Dept – Climate Emergency Action Plan response. Cllr Richards noted that street lighting is an area under consideration in the plan and requested that the street lights in the village are turned off late at night. TCC have previously raised this and the street lights are supposed to be turned off at midnight and back on at 5am. The plan also refers to increasing the number of electric car re-charging points. Agenda for discussion at October meeting.
MCC – Free Swimming Scheme funding reduction.

2777. Any Other Business: Cllr Hayward reported the street lights are not working outside the oap bungalows. Clerk report. The Sports Club will have to spend £700 on repairing the mower and £400 on the pavilion and have asked if TCC are prepared to fund anything. Councillors agreed that as £1,000 has already been allocated out of the precept for the Pavilion Lean-to TCC could make a contribution of £500 to the Club and keep the other £500 for use if the Pavilion Lean-to comes to fruition. Clerk to ask them if they could advise TCC if they are still going ahead with the pavilion before we set our next precept this can be taken into account.
Cllr Ashman reported that there are trees down blocking Restricted Byway 381/49/1. Clerk report to MCC Footpaths.
He also reported that Friends of Tintern Station are trying to raise funds to repair the wood sculptures. After discussion Councillors suggested if they write with a formal request for assistance towards funding TCC will consider this.
Cllr Richards reported that the culvert between The Royal George and Affordable Housing Site has a lot of rubbish left in it and there are concerns that it might block and cause flooding. Clerk report to MHA.
Cllr Cobb stated that there is a noticeboard by the Affordable Houses which is locked. If a key was available this could be used. Clerk ask MHA if they have one.
Cllr Evans explained about new Accessibility Laws relating to the website as it needs to be accessible for disabled users. Currently pdf documents are not accessible. Is it necessary for certain TCC documents to be put on the website. Cllr Shewell suggested putting a link on the website saying they are available for inspection if required.

2778. Date of next meeting: 28th October 2019.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.09.

Signed ……………………………. Chairman

Dated …………………………….