Minutes of a meeting of the above Council held on Monday 28th October 2019 at 7.00pm in Tintern Village Hall.

Present: Chairman Cllr Mrs Shewell, Cllrs Hayward, Hoskins, Richards, Evans, Ashman, Cobb, County Cllr Webb & the Clerk. Members of the public: Mr Phil Powell, Gwent Energy.

2779. Police Report: Attached.

2780. Public Forum: No one present except Mr Powell who explained about electric charging points under Agenda No. 2792.

2781. Apologies for absence: Cllr Hillard.

2782. Declarations of interest: Cllr Hayward re 2788 LWVBPT.

2783. Approval of minutes of previous meeting: Approved and signed as correct.

2784. Financial Report: Community A/C £7,893.12, BMM A/C £7,311.63. Amount spent on revenue to date £4,412.47, capital £3,009.

2785. Accounts for payment:-
Merlin Waste - £30.00 (Ch. No. 300141)
Clerk’s Salary & Expenses - £330.38 (Ch. No.300142) - all approved.

2786. Planning Permissions:-
DM/2019/01572 – The Meads, Trellech Grange – retrospective application for two flues on roof of agricultural building. Approved.
DM2019/01373 – 12 Sylvan View – conversion to salon – For Information only. Cllrs had concerns as to where clients would park.

2787. Updates:-
Speed Monitoring System/Pedestrian Safety – MCC will shortly be invited to adopt a new road safety strategy and speed management policy. To initially gauge interest and start to turn the concept into a structured combined plan to address road safety and speed management in the various AONB villages a meeting of representatives of local councils, county councillors and officers of MCC & AONB was held on 17th October in Tintern. As a result a consensus was agreed that MCC proceed with the plan to address road safety and village infrastructure improvement schemes. A Consultancy Brief was produced to invite consultants to bid which was received from MCC on 28th October. Comments welcomed by 4th November. It was also agreed to form a Steering Group with representatives from each Council to work on the detail of the brief, agree a timetable and funding strategy. Cllrs Evans & Richards put forward to join this group. Cllr Evans was appointed.
Wye River Bridge – Email received from Glos CC confirming their plan is to commission Atkins to produce a design for pedestrian access only, 3 monthly monitoring of the bridge, 6 monthly vegetation clearance of timber planks and looking into an alternative route for the land owners to use. Also looking into alternative funding means for the bridge. The Council are commencing work, hopefully on 4th November, on repairing sections of the restricted byway as an alternative route for those land owners to use. Clerk ask Glos CC what the projected cost of opening this alternative route is. County Cllr Webb will also check MCC’s position.

2788. Reports from outside bodies:-
Lower Wye Valley Building Preservation Trust – Discuss valuation. Clerk has now found a second Valuer prepared to provide a valuation of the Slipway who proposes to charge £240 inc.VAT. Site meeting arranged for 30th October.
Village Hall – Boundary wall has now been repaired. Halloween Trail Party on Saturday attended by 118 people. £450 profit made to go towards playground refurbishment. Xmas Craft Fayre 1st December and Xmas Bingo 10th December. The Hall will be hosting the Business Forum’s Welcome to Tintern Lantern Parade & Concert.
Llandogo School – No report. Presentation to the governors by the children forthcoming.
St Michael’s Church – No report.

2789. Reports from Sub-Committees: Finance – Clerk arrange meeting November.

2790. Report back from October Business Forum Meeting: Meeting held 8th October. Forum Members are working hard to finalise plans for the Advent Lantern Parade & Concert on 30th November. County Cllr Webb has obtained a grant of £400 from Monmouthshire Housing Association to fund the Advent Lantern Parade & Concert which has been paid and banked by Cllr Richards. The Forum feel the remainder would best be spent on decorating Tintern for Xmas which would include two reusable banners and posters displaying Xmas events. They are seeking sponsorship from local businesses. Waste bins only need jet washing. Richard Secular will liaise with MCC about this. 3 bins would benefit from being relocated, but Cllr Richards will talk to MCC about this. The launch of Dog Friendly Tintern will take place on 1st March. Stickers are being printed to place in windows for which there will be a charge of £3 each. These will also be available for house and car windows. Cllr Richards requested whether it would be possible for £100 of the £500 set aside in the budget for The App to be set aside for the banners (quotes so far of about £80). Cllrs agreed to set aside £100 in the budget towards this. The Marketing Sub-Group in future years will report to the Forum and TCC meetings but will develop it themselves. The Forum would like in future years to possibly purchae Xmas lights. Cllr Shewell explained that Friends of Tintern used to have Xmas lights so it would be worth checking with them if these are still in existence.

2791. Tintern Sports Club request for financial assistance: Request received from the Sports Club for financial assistance towards repair of the lawnmower and pavilion. As £1,000 has already been set aside in the budget TCC agreed to give £500 this year towards repair of the lawn-mower and ask them for confirmation as to whether they still intend to go ahead with the Lean-to (as the figure set aside in a previous budget was allocated for this) so that this can be taken into account when setting next year’s precept. Clerk spoke to Sam Hayward and they are still hoping to proceed but are obtaining quotes for repairs to the main pavilion floor before making a final decision. All Cllrs agreed that they were prepared to give the other £500 towards the Pavilion floor.

2792. Climate Change Emergency Action Plan: In May 2019 MCC declared a Climate Emergency which committed them to reducing their carbon emissions to zero by 2030. As part of a wider Gwent Energy Project there is funding for electric vehicle charging points on council owned land located close to residential areas lacking off-street parking. Mr Phil Powell from Gwent Energy was present to explain about this. He asked who the main users would be as residents can only have one if they have off-road parking. It was felt both visitors and residents would use it equally. Several possible locations were discussed, ie The Abbey car park, but it was felt this may not be possible, Tintern Old Station only has limited power supply; The Wye Valley when originally approached did not want one as parking is limited; the Lower Wireworks Car Park and The Royal George Hotel Car Park would be possibilities. These would be operated by a payment method (tokens bought in the shop or a contactless card reader) and probably start with two charging points. Mr Powell also explained he is involved with Bee-Friendly and they are looking to erect a plaque in memory of Maurice Jones and are looking for a site. Lower Wireworks Car Park was suggested. Mr Powell agreed to go back to Gwent Energy and put this in motion, but they would have to get a connection from Western Power which will take a while but he will visit the Wireworks Car Park to assess it. Re-agenda Climate Change for November.

2793. Correspondence: None.

2794. Any Other Business: Cllr Evans has updated and posted the newly designed website so it now fully complies with all regulations. Clerk ask Andrew Reid to put a note to this effect on the village facebook.
Cllr Richards reported that the former Abbey Hotel visibility access is badly compromised with overgrowth. Clerk report this to Huw Jones. County Cllr Webb will also ask MCC to request he clears this. Cluster Meeting 6th November – she is unable to attend. 2020 Fete on 27th June – theme is Children’s Literature and the committee have secured the Welsh Children’s Literature Laureate, Eloise Williams, to open the fete and provide a writing workshop.
Cllr Cobb reported that the Village Hall insurance has recently been paid, therefore a request will be coming to TCC for its usual donation.
Cllr Hoskins reported that forestry entrances are overgrown. Also the gulleys by the landslide need clearing. Clerk report to NRW.
Cllr Ashman reported that Restricted Byway 381/49/1 previously reported has been cleared but a large tree has now fallen further down the pathway and destroyed part of the path. The pavement above Tintern Old Station is overgrown band the pavement broken up. Clerk report to MCC.k
Cllr Hayward reported that when mowing the village green there was evidence of very bad dog fouling on it. A sign is needed asking people to remove dog waste.
Cllr Shewell reported there is now a vacancy on the Tintern Charities. Cllr Evans offered to fill the vacancy.

2795. Date of next meeting: November 25th.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.03.

Signed …………………………….. Chairman

Dated ……………………………..