Minutes of a meeting of the above Council held on Monday 6th January 2020 at 7.00pm in Tintern Village Hall.

Present: Chairman Cllr Mrs Shewell, Cllrs Hayward, Hillard, Richards, Evans, Ashman, County Cllr Webb & the Clerk.

2795. Police Report: No report or Police presence. Ask what parking issue was on Dec 7th.

2796. Public Forum: No one present.

2797. Apologies for absence: Cllrs Cobb & Hoskins.

2798. Declarations of interest: Cllrs Hayward & Hillard re 2804.

2799. Approval of minutes of previous meeting: Approved & signed as correct.

2800. Financial Report: Community A/C £5,254.30, BMM A/C £7,135.19. Amount spent to date on revenue £4,257, Capital £4,945.86 making a total of £9,202.53.

2801. Accounts for payment:-
Christmas Tree - £170 (Ch. No. 300155)
Defibrillator Pads - £334.49 (Ch. No. 300154)
Merlin Waste - £30.00 (Ch. No. 300156)
Clerk’s Salary & Expenses - £330.55 (Ch. No 300157) – all approved for payment.

2802. Planning Permissions:-
DM/2019/01878 – Enlargement of wildlife pond on Land near Wain-Y-Parc Farm.
3 objections from local residents. The reasons being given that this appears to be a retrospective application as pond is already built and it directly affects the spring which provides water to several adjoining cottages. TCC agreed to request that the work, if approved, be subject to a full Environmental Survey to assess the impact of the scheme on residents and whether the design is appropriate. County Cllr Webb will request it goes to full Planning Committee and Cllrs were in approval of this.

2803. Updates:-
Wye Valley Villages Joint Speed Safety Scheme – Cllr Evans attended an Inaugural Meeting of the Group on 10th December. All meetings will be held in Catbrook and decisions made there will be taken back to Community Councils. Project information will be posted on MCC’s website. Speed surveys being done in St Arvans and Llandogo, but Cllr Evans requested one be done in Tintern too, awaiting reply. Awaiting map of the roads that are referred to. Cllr Richards asked if possible quick wins had been discussed and Cllr Evans agreed to raise this at the next meeting.
A466 Future Closure – Following TCC’s request to delay further works until 2021, MCC need to balance this with the safety impacts of delaying works and are also awaiting the outcome of ecology surveys which will inform them if they are able to proceed in 2020 or not. County Cllr Webb reported that Paul Keeble of MCC is meeting with NRW this week regarding stabilisation works. Cllr Shewell asked that someone comes to the next meeting and updates us. County Cllr Webb will request this.

2804. Reports from outside bodies:-
Lower Wye Valley Building Preservation Trust – Approve Revised Heads of Terms Agreement for sale of Fryer’s Wharf Slipway to LWVBP Trust. Cllr Cobb had sent through a list of amendments. Clerk to send the amendments to the Solicitor. Also ask for confirmation what their fees will be in relation to this matter. Otherwise Cllrs were happy with the Agreement.
Village Hall – No report.
Llandogo School – No report. Term starts 7th January.
St Michael’s Church – Interesting Gift Service well attended. Carol Service very well attended, standing room only.

2805. Reports from Sub-Committees:- Finance – Draft 2020/21 Precept. The Finance Committee had met on the 4th December to discuss the precept. The subject of donations to local Schools took place as at the moment TCC just support Llandogo School, of which 24 children from Tintern attend. Cllr Richards commented that it is TCC’s responsibility to support local residents and if we only support the local School we could be seen to be disadvantaging other Schools. Cllr Shewell suggested either setting a sum aside in Reserves or allowing a further sum of say £250 in the budget in case other Schools requested it for a project. She proposed that TCC set aside a sum under a new heading, Education Grants, for all local Primary Schools attended by Tintern children of say £500. Cllr Richards seconded this. Cllr Evans disagreed. Other Cllrs present agreed. It was therefore agreed to set aside £500 in the budget for this.
Projects – the Village Hall have problems with the surface of the rear car park and need to look at improving the surface. They will also need to spend money on the Playground, therefore a sum of £1,500 has been set aside in the budget under Projects. A further sum of £500 has also been set aside for the Sports Club as they are planning on renovating the Lean-to Pavilion. Legal Fees for the sale of the Slipway have been set at £1200. This makes a total amount of £4,200 on Projects. The total precept to be requested for 2020/21 is therefore £18,840 (Revenue of £9,890 and Capital of £8,950).

2806. Sacred Site & Sound Event 2020: This is now going ahead and letter describing the vision and programme has been received from Tintern Festivals Association. Cllrs expressed support for the event and to allocate funds up to £500 towards the 2020 Event. Clerk to confirm to TFA that TCC are happy to provide some funding and ask that as and when they have firm costings and confirmation the event is going ahead to please come back to TCC.

2807. Climate Change Emergency Action Plan: Report circulated to Cllrs following previous meeting. County Cllr Webb reported that Matthew Lewis looked at the Wireworks Car Park for vehicle charging points but it is not suitable. Tintern Abbey Car Park was suggested as an alternative if two designated bays could be set aside for a recharging point. Clerk to ask The Abbey if they are prepared to supply this. Cllr Richards felt there was an opportunity for TCC and residents to take on board some of the actions Monmouthshire are proposing under this Action Plan. She felt a statement could be put on the website saying TCC support MCC’s call for climate change emergency action. The Fete Committee are hoping to go plastic-free, perhaps TCC could do so too. She will also be encouraging the businesses to take this on board at the next Business Forum meeting. Cllr Shewell asked other Cllrs if there was anything else they wanted to do. She therefore suggested putting a statement of support on TCC’s website and directing people to MCC’s website for further information. Car sharing could be one possibility. She also suggested an advert be put on the website asking for residents suggestions. Cllr Ashman suggested a drinking fountain, but Cllr Richards reported that said several businesses already do bottle fill-ups and Tintern Abbey has a drinking fountain.

2808. Request to support Local Electricity Bill: Cllrs felt they should support this. Clerk reply to this effect.

2809. Correspondence: Monmouthshire Replacement Local Development Plan 2018-20, Preferred Strategy & Second Call for candidates sites update.
MCC Tree Officer – Notification only of proposed tree works above Holmleigh/Old Moon & Sixpence.
MCC Planning Directorate – Changes to planning and related application fees. Proposals to put fees up by 20%.
Mind Monmouthshire – Request for funding towards the Charity. Cllr Shewell proposed & Cllr Hayward seconded giving them £50. All Cllrs present agreed as a sum had been set aside in the budget to support Charities.

2810. Any Other Business: Cllr Ashman asked whether any response had been received from Brockweir Parish Council following their email about the Wye River Bridge at the last meeting. Clerk to chase.
Cllr Richards asked whether any progress had been made with the former Abbey Hotel. Nothing heard from the owner, County Cllr Webb will chase.
She also reported the next Business Forum meeting will be the 22nd January.
She reported that the Advent Lantern Workshop & Parade was very well attended and successful and also brought in business from visitors. It was felt the Concert be held before the Parade if it takes place another year. Cllr Shewell thanked Cllrs Hayward & Hoskins for erecting the Xmas tree.
Cllr Shewell raised concerns regarding the parking in the rear car park at the Royal George Hotel which appears to have been blocked off. Over the New Year parking was at a premium in the village when various functions were held and it was felt this car park is still needed. Cllr Richards reported that the Heritage Officer at MCC Planners has, in effect, recommended refusal on the application at the Royal George rear car park.

2811. Date of next meeting: 27th January.