Minutes of a meeting of the above Council held on Monday 27th January 2020 at 7.00pm in Tintern Village Hall.

Present: Chairman Cllr Mrs Shewell, Cllrs Hayward, Hoskins, Hillard, Richards, Evans, Cobb, Ashman, County Cllr Webb & the Clerk. Members of the public – Freya Sears.

2812. Police Report: Attached. No Police presence.

2813. Public Forum: Freya Spears from The Nurtons.

2814. Apologies for absence: None.

2815. Declarations of interest: Cllr Hayward re 2821 (LWVBPT).

2816. Approval of minutes of previous meeting: Approved & signed as correct.

2817. Financial Report: Community A/C £10,146.45, BMM A/C £7,135.19. Spent to date on Revenue £7,317, Capital £5,321.11 making a total spend of £12,638.11. Precept of £5,453.00 paid in 31st December.

2818. Accounts for payment:-
Tintern Village Hall Room Hire - £30.00 (Ch. No. 300159)
Tintern Abbey Sports Club – Repairs to Lawnmower & Pavilion Floor - £1,252.59 (Ch. No. 300160). Cllr Shewell proposed paying the full net amount of £1,252.59 and Cllr Hillard seconded this. Clerk/Cllr Hayward to ask the Club if they can clear the area surrounding the pavilion where work has been done.
Clerk’s Salary & Expenses - £289.25 (Ch. No. 300161)
Merlin Waste - £30.00 (Ch. No. 300162) – all approved for payment.

2819. Planning Permissions:- DM/2019/02081 – Change of use of Barn at Penterry Farm. Previous application for conversion to two holiday lets was refused because it was a modern agricultural building which the applicants essentially proposed rebuilding. New application is for change of use from agriculture to light & general industrial. It was felt TCC could not recommend approval or refusal for change of use to light industrial use and requested that the application goes to full Planning Committee as it is unclear whether or not the proposed non-agricultural development will be run in conjunction with and be complementary to the current agricultural activities of the farm as is required by Local Development Plan Policy RE3. It was also noted that the applicant is related to a member of the County Council.
DM/2020/01944 – Pre-application enquiry for rear extension to 22 Parva Springs. Noted. Ask them to submit to TCC when full application is received.
County Cllr Webb reported that both the applications in the Royal George Hotel rear car park and Pond at Wain-Y-Par Farm have been withdrawn.

2820. Updates:- Wye Valley Villages Joint Speed Safety Scheme – Following Cllr Evans’ correspondence regarding the inclusion of Tintern in the speed and traffic monitoring as well as St Arvans & Llandogo, he has been advised that monitoring loops are to be set up on the 466 just north of its access road to Tintern Abbey, on Forge Road and just north of Trellech Road. Confirmation received 27/1/2020 from Roger Hoggins that MCC are finalising the Draft Consultancy Brief and once comments are received they will be sending it out to tender.
A466 Future Closure – 3 Cllrs met with representatives of MCC & St Arvans CC on 22nd January to discuss future closure of the road by the cliff fall. The next planned closure is scheduled to start the first week of June and should take a maximum of 4 weeks. It will involve a total road closure in the interests of public safety. The application went in to the Welsh Assembly on Monday 27th, but as they are still awaiting some environmental surveys they have not yet put the work out to tender but merely making enquiries to a contractor. They do not have the licenses or agreement for the land swap either. Cllr Shewell suggested that if in the light of public safety they cannot do the work in June would they consider doing it in July. It was also suggested asking for permanent bollards be put at the bottom of the Glyn Road to discourage large vehicles from trying to access this narrow road. Clerk to request this of MCC and also ask they attend the February meeting.
Wye River Bridge – Gloucestershire CC’s consultants are still looking at initial assessments and had a meeting before Xmas with MCC. They have some minor remedial works to arrange with one landowner regarding the Restricted Byway. Copy email received from Brockweir Parish Council to Glos CC requesting necessary repairs to the bridge to allow vehicular access. They also felt the proposed upgrade of the Monks Path to allow for increased vehicular traffic access via Brockweir would be inappropriate. Email received 22/1/2020 from Glos CC stating that have put in a bid to the Department of Transport to take action to resolve the existing structural issues. They are also aware that vehicles are still using the bridge and will take steps to prevent this. As TCC were also in agreement with Brockweir & Hewelsfield PC’s request the Clerk was asked to write to Glos CC endorsing their request to re-open the bridge to vehicular traffic.

2821. Reports from outside bodies:- Lower Wye Valley Building Preservation Trust – Revised Heads of Terms Agreement for sale of Fryer’s Wharf Slipway to LWVBP Trust were sent to the Solicitors following previous meeting with minor amendments. Still awaiting amended copy.
Village Hall - Tintern Charities over 60’s Lunch held 14th January, attended by about 60. The VHC will probably be involved with the River Festival in offering refreshments, etc. Cllr Richards reported that Sarah Sawyer, AONB wants to hold a Lantern Making Workshop in the Village Hall the week of the festival.
Llandogo School – no report. Meeting next Tuesday.
St Michael’s Church - Very close to signing contracts for restoration of the interior of the Church. Hopefully start work 16th March.

2822. Reports from Sub-Committees:- Finance - Precept for 2020/21 submitted to MCC.

2823. Tintern Business Forum: Meeting held 22nd January and featured a talk from Kim Colebrook of Visit Wales, a marketing initiative company for Wales. She would like to do a feature on Dog Friendly Tintern, the Official Launch for which is the 1st March and will include a circular walk. The Forum are looking at having a proper definition of “Dog Friendly”. They also need to jet-wash the waste bins and possibly relocate some of them to better positions. Cllr Richards has been carrying out an inspection of public areas in the village that need some minor tidying up and will report back to TCC monthly. There also appear to be three large wheelie rubbish bins in the Lower Wireworks car park. Clerk ask Carl Touhig about them. The Claude Mirror that was in the Abbey Hotel is now in Chepstow Museum and it was suggested by Ruth Waycott that TCC get it put up in the village. There was also a suggestion that picture frames are put in locations in the village where famous painters have in the past produced paintings and this would enable tourists to take their own photograph. It is possible that some SDF funding can be obtained for this. Cllr Richards will research further.

2824. Chepstow Cluster Meeting: No one able to attend recent meeting.

2825. Report back by Chairman from Local Democracy & Boundary Commission Review of Electoral Arrangements: Cllr Shewell attended a meeting on January 16th at County Hall. The general feeling at the meeting was that Councils were very unhappy about some of the proposed changes that are due to come into effect in 2022. The new name for TCC will be the Wye Valley Community Council. The Commission propose to move the ward of Trellech Grange into Trellech United CC, the ward of Penterry to Devauden CC and Banton, Fairoak & Penterry to St Arvans CC. Llandogo Parish will be moved to join the new Wye Valley CC. It was suggested that TCC write to Julie Jones, AM, Welsh Assembly reiterating our feelings that Tintern should keep its name due to its historical importance. It was also requested at the meeting that councils with boundary changes need to check whether there are odd properties in the area that should be allocated to other council areas.

2826. Climate Change Emergency Strategy: Clerk asked Cadw whether they would consider having vehicle recharging points in their car park at Tintern Abbey and reply was received saying they are keen to explore further this idea and asking for more details. Clerk reply to Pascal Bidois saying we understand this is being dealt with directly between Roger Hoggins and a member of Cadw.

2827. Correspondence: Heritage Monitoring Officer, MCC re Draft Archaeology Planning Advisory Note. Comments if required to their proposal to designate Tintern as an ASA (Archaeology Sensitive Area). Cllr Richards commented that it was astonishing that of all the archaeological sites in Monmouthshire, Tintern had not previously been designated as an ASA. She proposed TCC reply fully supporting the new ASA for Tintern, seconded by Cllr Cobb. Clerk to reply saying TCC feel strongly that Tintern has great archaeological interest and fully support the proposal.
Damian White, Gwent Police – introduction as new Neighbourhood Sergeant for South Mons.
Grounds & Graves Maintenance Company offering their services. Clerk to reply saying TCC will add them to their tender list.
Merlin Waste re increases in their charges for dog waste bin emptying. The cost increase was approved by Councillors.

2828. Any Other Business: Cllr Hillard had been approached by a neighbour who has recently had to use local transport and gave him timetables for trains. He suggested that these could go in the Tintern News and on the Village Website. Clerk to arrange this.
Cllr Cobb – Concerns had been raised with her about the car park restriction sign on the roadside wall of the Royal George Hotel as it was felt this may be on the public highway. Clerk to raise this with MCC Highways.
Cllr Hoskins – Loose drain in road by pumping station. There is an “uneven road” sign leaning into Trellech Road, between Sylvan View and Hollandene.
Cllr Richards re spot lights on a business property which may be contrary to lighting restrictions. County Cllr Webb will raise this.
Cllr Evans thanked Cllr Ashman for the A466 road report he recently produced.

2829. Date of next meeting: February 24th.