Minutes of a meeting of the above Council held on Monday 24th February 2020 at 7.00pm in Tintern Village Hall.

Present: Cllrs Hayward (in the chair), Hoskins, Hillard, Ashman, Cobb, Evans, Richards, County Cllr Webb & the Clerk. Members of the public – Mr John Clarke, Ms Louise Angove, Mr Alan Carter, Mr & Mrs Adrian Wood.

2830. Police Report: Attached. No Police presence.

2831. Public Forum: Mr Clarke reported an issue with flood water following the recent storms on the 15th February 2020 which came down the Cat Brook, entering the well which abuts his property, through his front garden and then into his property. After previous floods repairs were done to the Cat Brook and the problem appeared to be resolved, but it now appears not to be the case. The Well originally had a gate which fell off a couple of years ago and has not been replaced. He felt the throughput from the well needed to be improved, but there was also a problem with a blocked drain beneath the wall of his garden, which Cllr Hayward kindly assisted with clearing. Cllr Hayward informed Mr Clarke the owners of Fryer’s Terrace put the gate on the well and claimed ownership. Mr Clarke felt an official co-ordinated emergency response should be put in place by MCC in cases of any future flooding risks.
Louise Angove reported an ongoing and increasing problem with scrambler bikes travelling up Chapel Lane and then up Unclassified Road 381/53 leading to Church Grove. They travel this route at speed and she is concerned that there will be an accident involving any children playing and people walking the paths. Cllr Richards explained that the village will shortly have a tighter archaeological classification and there will be a direct conflict between preserving a medieval path and an ancient highway. Cllr Hayward explained TCC have previously reported the problem to the Police, but County Cllr Webb agreed to chase the matter up. Cllr Richards proposed and Cllr Cobb seconded that TCC start the procedure to have the lane de-classified and formally write to MCC. Mr Woods commented that they had a similar problem with bikes using the track behind The Nurtons and through Coed Beddick, via the Scout Hut and down to Brockweir Bridge and putting in some stiles seemed to alleviate the problem.
Mr Alan Carter reported that a landslide occurred on the hillside in their rear garden on the 15th February. Previous damage to Restricted Byway 381/49/1 by a fallen tree had been reported back in October by Cllr Ashman and partially cleared, but the tree stump which caused damage to the path is still there and in the recent floods water came down the path and into Mr Carter’s garden. In 2008 he raised the fact water was being channelled onto the path from neighbouring properties. MCC Highways came out and he explained it wanted grading down and maintaining, but nothing has been done there since and it is now a water course. He felt that if any properties in this vicinity apply for planning in the future this problem needs to be taken into account. He and Cllr Ashman have done a temporary job to try and alleviate the water flow by putting sandbags in place on the side of the track, but the problem needs rectifying properly.
Mr Carter had also reported that some cut-off drains have been put in up Promoted Route 381/PC4/12 which is the road up into the woods opposite the former Cherry Tree Inn. This is channelling water down the hill and could also cause a future problem.

2832. Apologies for absence: Cllr Shewell.

2833. Declarations of interest: Cllrs Hayward & Hillard re 2839 – LWVBPTrust,
Cllr Cobb re Village Hall.

2834. Approval of minutes of previous meeting: Approved by Cllr Evans, seconded Cllr Hillard and signed as correct.

2835. Financial Report: BMM A/C £7,135.19, Community A/C £9,297.20. Amount spent to date on Revenue £8,191.00, Capital £5,580.70 making a total spend of £13,771.95. VAT reclaimed of £491.36p.

2836. Accounts for payment:-
4UH – Village Website Hosting Fee - £71.86 (Ch. No. 300163)
Clerk’s Salary & Expenses - £292.31 (Ch. No. 300164)
Village Hall Room Hire - £30.00 (Ch. No. 300165)
Merlin Waste - £30.00 (Ch. No. 300166)
Tintern Village Hall – contribution towards roof/ceiling repairs - £500.00 (Ch. No. 300167). After explanation under Village Hall Report from Cllr Cobb as to the request Councillors agreed to a donation of £500 as a sum had already been set aside in the budget for the Village Hall.
Wales Air Ambulance – Request for donation. Cllrs agreed to give £50 (Ch. No. 300168).
IONOS Website Domain Fee – Direct Debit of £11.99.
All accounts therefore approved for payment.

2837. Planning Permissions:-
DM/2020/00150 – 22 Parva Springs (single storey extension & front porch). Approved.
DM/2020/00255 – Single storey extension, Brook Barn, Trellech Road. Approved.

2838. Updates:-
Wye Valley Villages Joint Speed Safety Scheme – Map showing route numbers circulated.
A466 Future Closure - The second closure is planned for the first 3 weeks of June for rock face repairwork. MCC have done repairwork along the A466 and two-way traffic lights were in operation from 29th January-19th February between Tintern Old Station & Brockweir Bridge. The A466 will also be closed between Brockweir Bridge & The Wye Valley Hotel from 16th-10th April for essential resurfacing works to the A466 between the hours of 9.30-15.30 daily on week days.
Wye River Bridge – Glos CC have passed on TCC & Brockweir PC’s formal request for the bridge to be re-opened to vehicular traffic to their Project Manager. They have some filling-in work to the soft spots and removal of silt to the Restricted Byway from Brockweir, but have no proposals to undertake any further works on this route except repair work to the fence line. Forestry England sent an email re landslide above the Monks Path. Clerk send a copy to Glos CC. Ask why their large white vans crossed the bridge to do some repairwork. Ask why if they say the bridge is unsafe they are driving across there.
Tintern Business Forum – The Dog Friendly Tintern Launch was fixed for the 1st March and 45 people had signed up for the walk. Due to weather conditions this has been postponed until better weather. A future meeting will be fixed shortly. Ruth Waycott from AONB suggested a new location for the Claude Mirror which was originally situated at the Abbey Hotel. Anne Rainsbury from Chepstow Museum has confirmed it is owned by a private individual who lives in America who is happy for it to be installed in a suitable location. Cllrs felt the proposed Beaufort Cottage location should be pursued.

2839. Reports from outside bodies:-
Lower Wye Valley Building Preservation Trust – Approve Revised Heads of Terms for sale of Fryer’s Wharf Slipway to LWVBP Trust. Cllr Cobb explained the amendments had been made and approved by Councillors. She therefore signed on behalf of TCC and Mrs Woods signed on behalf of the Trust. Clerk send the signed HOT’s to the Solicitors.
Village Hall – Request for financial support to Roof & Ceiling Repair: Following a water leak through the roof damage has been caused to the ceiling in the store cupboard and the installation of an access hatch into the roof space is needed for future access. A sum had been set aside in the budget but no amount yet claimed, therefore a sum of £500 was requested. Cllr Hayward proposed and Cllr Richards seconded payment of this. Cllr Cobb explained the reason they have not put into action the other projects such as playground fencing and equipment and improvements to the car park surface is that further investigations are needed. Table Sale 15th March. Easter Bingo 31st March. Easter Egg Hunt & Trail 5th April. AGM 7th April.
Llandogo School - Nothing to report. Governor Parents Meeting Wednesday 26th February.
St Michael’s Church - On track for restoration to start mid-March. Final pre-contract meeting with contractors on Friday 28th February.

2840. Reports from Sub-Committees:- Finance. Independent Remuneration Panel’s Report for 2020-21 now available. This included a Draft Supplementary Report regarding payment to Councillors for reimbursement of care costs. Minor comments were made relating to these, otherwise Councillors agreed to the Panel’s proposals regarding payment to Councillors for care costs if applicable. Clerk to respond accordingly.

2841. Discuss potential closure and removal of BT phone call box on roundabout by The Anchor Inn/Tintern Abbey: Councillors had no objections to the phone box being removed.

2842. Fryer’s Wharf: On the 15th February, during the recent rain storms a significant portion of the embankment collapsed and washed away to the side of Fryer’s Wharf by the brook. The owner of Wyebourne, Mr. D. Greenhalgh, had sent a letter asking for the problem to be rectified, the riverbank made safe and vehicular access to his rear garden/parking area restored. Cllr Cobb rang the Insurers, Came & Co., on Monday17th February to register the problem and they promised to acknowledge in writing and confirm whether it is covered. No acknowledgement and confirmation as to whether TCC are covered had yet been received. Letter of acknowledgement to be sent to Mr Greenhalgh.
County Cllr Webb has spoken to Craig O’ Connor, MCC and they feel one joint planning application will have to be put in along the riverbank for repairwork to the river bank.

2843. Correspondence: Wales Air Ambulance request for donation. Cllrs agreed to give £50. Clerk to send this.
Forestry England re landslide on footpath Brockweir to Tintern.
Notification of next Cluster Meeting 24th March to consult on LDP. Cllrs Richards & Hillard will attend.
Mark Cleaver, MCC – Nature packages for community use. Forwarded to VHC.
Spring Clean Cymru 2020– Jane McCorquodale is organising a litter pick in the village.

2844. Any Other Business: Cllr Evans reported that he had recently received his garden waste permit and in the same post received a reminder that they needed to apply for a permit, so considered this a waste of resources. He also reported that the Green Lane behind Parva Springs, 381/51-4/4, flooded and is now badly eroded and rutted making it difficult for cars to access their properties. A resident had asked what was happening about the sign on Royal George Hotel car park wall. Clerk had reported it to MCC and they responded saying there is no problem with it.
Cllr Richards reported she had sent the Clerk photographs of issues in the village needing some attention. Clerk had forwarded onto MCC Countryside. The railings above the Lower Wireworks are damaged. County Cllr Webb agreed to chase this up.
Cllr Richards also reported the Spring Ball is being held in the Village Hall on the 7th March to raise funds for the Village Fete.
Cllr Ashman reported that Footpath 381/49/1 above his property leading up to Barbadoes Wood is still partially blocked by a fallen tree stump and this, together with work done on other properties in that area, contributed to a landslide into Mr Alan Carter’s garden on the weekend of 15th/16th February.
Cllr Ashman also reported that several gullies along the main road are blocked and the road needs sweeping throughout the village. Cllr Hayward explained flood water could not go into the culvert on the A466 by The Old Rectory so flooded the VW Garage. Martyn Evans, MCC saw Cllr Hayward and was shown the problem.
County Cllr Webb reported that MCC are aware of the flooding issues in Tintern and the Chief Executive & other Officers will be having a meeting shortly to discuss the problem. Initially she and two Councillors will be meeting Martyn Evans, MCC to walk through the village and inspect drains and problems arising from the recent floods on the 28th February.
Cllr Ashman reported that the Welsh Government have done a consultation with Building Control Bodies and there will be new regulations to enable Wales to go carbon free, the first phase coming in at the end of this year.
Cllr Cobb asked about the request for permanent bollards on Glyn Road. Clerk to chase.

2845. Date of next meeting: 24th March.