Minutes of a meeting of the above Council held via email on Monday 30th March 2020.

Councillors circulated: Chairman Cllr Mrs Shewell, Cllrs Hayward, Hoskins, Hillard, Richards, Evans, Ashman, Cobb, County Cllr Webb and the Clerk.

2846. Police Report: No report.

2847. Public Forum: As a public meeting was not held no public presence.

2848. Apologies for absence: N/A.

2849. Declarations of interest: None.

2850. Approval of minutes of previous meeting: Approved & signed as correct.

2851. Financial Report:
BMM A/C £7,138.75,
Community A/C £7,553.81.
VAT Refund of £491.36p.
Amount spent to date on revenue £8,540, capital £6,278 making a total of £14,818.

2852. Accounts for payment:-
Merlin Waste - £60.00 (Ch. No. 300169).
Clerk's Salary & Expenses - £337.65 (Ch. No. 300170)
One Voice Wales subscription - £124.00 (Ch. No. 300171)
Data Protection registration fee - £40.00 (Ch. No. 300172)
- all approved.

2853. Planning Permissions: DM/2020/00311 – Certificate of lawful use for Amenity Land opposite Old Park Cottage, Parkhouse. An earlier application is still under consideration for this land for siting a second-hand log pod for personal use to which there were no objections. The new application is accompanied by an affidavit testifying the applicant has only used the land for his own leisure pursuits.

2854. Updates:-
Wye Valley Villages Project – Invitation and tender document sent out inviting people to bid for the contract of undertaking this project, closing date 6th April.
A466 Future Closure – The scheduled road closure from Brockweir to Catchmays Court has been postponed until further notice. The planned temporary closure from Tintern Old Station to Brockweir Bridge will still take place week commencing 31st March-6th April. The Clerk requested an updated statement on the future A466 second closure at Wyndcliffe scheduled for June. Reply received saying MCC are awaiting a response from NRW to their proposal for the compensation site. Cllrs raised concerns concerns that NRW have not resolved the compensatory land issue and this could potentially hold up the cliff stabilisation works, especially in light of possible closure of construction projects due to the virus. Clerk to email Steve Baldwin and ask for clarification on the hold-up and what the impact of an embargo on construction could have.
Tintern Business Forum – Meetings suspended until further notice. The "Dog Friendly Tintern” initiative unfortunately had to be cancelled twice. A new date in the autumn will be set once social distancing is lifted. Cllr Richards has passed on any relevant information to local businesses via email and had some appreciative feedback.
Village Fete – Due to the Corona Virus the 2020 Fete and Duck Race have been cancelled. The Committee intend to salvage what they can from this year’s planning and run next year with the same theme (Children’s Literature) and re-book as many of the entertainers they can.
Flooding Issues – Martyn Evans met with 2 Cllrs & County Cllr Webb to look at flooding issues throughout the village, mainly due to blocked gulleys at various points along the A466 and one in Botany Bay. He reported that the culvert that feeds into the gulley near The Falls is broken and needs replacing. This will involve excavation works. The one at Botany Bay will also be attended to. Gulley/drain clearance has been carried out by MCC. County Cllr Webb has been in touch with NRW and any householders or land owners with collapsed riverbank within their property are responsible for repairs to the riverbank. A permit is required before carrying out work from NRW. Mr John Clarke had responded suggesting NRW carry out a survey of the whole stretch of riverbank in Tintern so co-ordinated action could be planned. Cllr Ashman reported that the ‘clay repairs’ to the riverbank opposite Stella Books are woefully inadequate and unfit for purpose. The repairs involved dumping a load of fast drying clay on top of the destabilised riverbank. He felt clarification is needed that this is only a temporary solution and that further works are intended. Cllr Hayward & County Cllr Webb confirmed that when a site meeting was held with Martyn Evans from MCC he confirmed this was only a temporary solution.
Fryer’s Wharf brook embankment collapse – After Cllr Cobb contacted TCC’s Insurers they replied saying that whilst our policy covers for subsidence this only applies for the bank if an insured building is affected simultaneously. Clerk & County Cllr Webb made contact with NRW to seek their permission to carry out repair works. They confirmed that such water courses are regulated by the Local Authority and for any proposed works land owners should contact MCC’s Highways & Flood Management Dept. County Cllr Webb has done this and established a permit is required from NRW. Cllrs Hayward & Hoskins met Tim Ball from Mr Dig at the site on the 7th March and he is supplying a quotation for repairworks. John Topp has also provided the name of a Shaun Powell who is prepared to provide a quote.
2855. Reports from outside bodies:-
Lower Wye Valley Building Preservation Trust – Signed HOT’s delivered to the Solicitor following February meeting. No meeting held since.
Village Hall – Unfortunately due to the Corona Virus situation all forthcoming events organised by the VHC have been cancelled until further notice. This includes the AGM which has been postponed and will be rescheduled for a later date. All regular Clubs which use the Hall for meetings/event have cancelled their use of the facilities. This is in line with UK Government’s guidance and the advice published by MCC’s Environmental Health Team confirming that all community buildings should be closed until further notice.
Llandogo School – School closed early until further notice and no Governors Meetings until after Easter if allowed. The initiative is on hold pending resolution of the current health issues.
St Michael’s Church – No report.

2856. Reports from Sub-Committees: Finance – no report.

2857. Response to review of Community Review Plan: The date for closure of comments of the review has been postponed until further notice when will be rescheduled.

2858. Email Administration: Cllr Evans circulated a notice advising Cllrs to manage their email inbox closely and correctly delete all old emails as our web-site hosting company impose a limit on the space to store emails as increasing this limit would incur additional costs.

2859. Correspondence: One Voice Wales – Covid 19 Corona Virus Crisis – Governance update recommending urgent business be conducted remotely. Cllr Richards requested that a review of Cllrs IT access is made and provision of additional IT infrastructure or training is put in place.
Roger Hoggins, MCC – Public Toilets – Notification of temporary closure action, which includes the closure of the one adjoining the White Monk Café.
Steve Baldwin, MCC Highways re future A466 closure at Wyndcliffe.
MCC Highways – resurfacing closures of A466 update.
Gwent Police – Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner Strategic Equality Plan Survey.
Dewi Jones, MCC Communications Officer – Grants for Businesses information during Corona virus outbreak.

2860. Any Other Business: Cllr Ashman reported that there has been no progress with regard to the damage to the footpath at the rear of Mr Carter's property leading up into Barbadoes Wood. Clerk to chase this.

2861. Date of next meeting: April 27th. A decision will be made nearer the time as to whether this can take place following Government recommendations.