Minutes of a meeting of the above Council held on Monday 24th August 2020 at 7.00pm by telephone conferencing.

Present: Cllrs Hillard, Evans, Cobb, Ashman, County Cllr Webb & the Clerk.

2927.Police Report: Attached.

2928.Public Forum: No one present.

2929Apologies for absence: Cllrs Shewell, Hayward & Richards.

2930.Declarations of interest: None.

2931.Approval of minutes of previous meeting: Approved & signed as correct.

2932.Financial Report: Community A/C £11,387.91, BMM A/C £5,642.09. £1,500 transferred from BMM A/C to Community A/C on 22nd August to take into account the August expenditure. Amount spent to end of July on revenue £3,391.91, capital £509.99 totalling £3,902.00.

2933.Accounts for payment:-
Digby Civils Ltd - Fryer's Wharf embankment repairs - £9,960.00 (Ch. No. 300191)
Kudos Companies - Hi-vis Vests & Visors for Tintern Ambassador Programme - £73.60 (Ch. No. 300192)
Merlin Waste - £31.20 (Ch. No. 300193)
Clerk's Salary & Expenses - £295.30 (Ch. No. 300194) - all approved.

2934. Planning Permissions:-
DM/2020/01030, Hazelgrove,Trellech Road - Alterations to garage to create home office. Approval recommended.
DM/2020/00429 - Fairoak Fishery, 5 glamping pods & conversion of existing maintenance building into self-catering holiday let. Approval recommended in principle, but a possible issue was raised regarding ways of dealing with foul waste. Clerk to query this.
DM/2020/00614 - Lagreach, Botany Bay. Notification from MCC that their Delegation Panel met on the 19th August to consider the application.

2935. Updates:-
A466 Future Closure - Two meetings held by MCC Officers and their Ecology Team with Consultants WSP and NRW to discuss the current position with submission of Habitat Regs Assessment to Welsh Government and timing of works. Construction work will hopefully commence on 6th April 2021 with a 4 week full road closure and further 2 weeks under traffic lights. Further meeting with NRW due 9th September. Clerk asked to request update after the meeting with NRW. County Cllr Webb agreed to request that MCC Communications give TCC a press release for publication on the website.
Tintern Business Forum - The Forum is unlikely to go ahead with the postponed launch of Dog Friendly Tintern until next year. A Christmas Event is probably not feasible with current restrictions.
Business Resilience Forum & Ambassador Programme - The Volunteer Ambassador Programme is in place now with recruitment under way via GAVO, of which 6 have come forward so far. Training of volunteers took place on 19th August. GAVO are continuing to advertise for further volunteers. The Ambassadors are hoping to start in Tintern w/c 24th August. A Risk Assessment has been produced and the Volunteer Agreement is being finalised. Some hi-vis vests and visors have been purchased by TCC.
Wye Valley Villages Project - Awaiting responses from the tenders.

2936.Reports from outside bodies:-
Lower Wye Valley Building Preservation Trust - No report.
Fryer's Wharf - repairwork to stream embankment now completed.
Village Hall - They have received the Covid-19 Business Support Grant of £10,000. Village Halls are now being allowed to re-open if various safety procedures are put in place, including Risk Assessment. The Hall's Management Committee are putting in place various safety procedures and carrying out the risk assessment to enable the Hall to re-open shortly. During lockdown various maintenance works have been undertaken. Asbestos works in the roof are planned and quotes being obtained. The AGM has been set for 22nd September.
Llandogo School - The Welsh Government has confirmed that Schools are to re-open in September and the School is working towards this aim.
St Michael's Church - Restoration work is in progress and is on schedule.

2937.Reports from Sub-Committees:- Finance. One small query has been received from the Auditor regarding the amendment to dates for the publication of the Notice of Electors Rights.

2938. Review Standing Orders: These having been circulated minor amendments were made by Cllr Evans relating to remotely held meetings. Re-agenda for final discussion in September.

2939. Monmouthshire Heritage Strategy - Angiddy Valley & Old Station Survey. The survey was gone through and questions responded to. One suggestion was that the interpretation panels in the Lower Wireworks Car Park need better publication and signage. Also, a better surface is required to enable visitors to read them safely. Marking out of the parking spaces would maximise available parking spaces. Clerk to respond to survey.

2940. Correspondence: Merlin Waste re suggestion for four weekly invoicing.

2941.Any Other Business: The path running up behind the Chapel Hill Sub-Station has been damaged by motorcycles where it joins the lane. Repairwork is needed and a means of blocking the access at both ends to deter motorcycles using it. Clerk to report.
Proposal received from the Kennedys at The Filling Station Caf regarding continuing use of the area below the Caf for extra seating. Clerk to ask for further information on the lease proposal and length of lease. Re-agenda for discussion at September meeting.
Cllr Ashman asked whether it is MCC's policy now to turn street lights off at night. He was informed this is the case.
He also asked whether residents of Tintern can put their own speed limit signs up as speeding is still an issue through the village. He was informed this is not allowed.
Cllr Cobb asked whether the Angiddy Trail Leaflet reprint had ever been completed. Clerk to check.

2942.Date of next meeting: 28th September.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 20.20.