Minutes of a meeting of the above Council held on Monday 28th September 2020 at 7.00pm in Tintern Village Hall.

Present: Chairman Cllr Shewell, Cllrs Hoskins, Evans, Cobb, Ashman, Hillard, County Cllr Webb and the Clerk.

2943.Police Report: Attached. County Cllr Webb spoke to Mr Jones re the hoardings that have fallen across the highway at the rear of the former Abbey Hotel. Clerk raise it with MCC.

2944Apologies for absence: Cllr Richards.

2945.Declarations of interest: Cllrs Shewell & Cobb re Agenda No. 2951.

2946.Approval of minutes of previous meeting: Approved and signed as correct.

2947.Financial Report: BMM A/C £5,642.26, Community A/C £8,838.32. . Amount spent to date on capital £647.76, revenue £11,987.41 making a total of £12,635.
VAT refund of £1,709.37 received.

2948.Accounts for payment:-
Merlin Waste - £65.00 (Ch. No. 300196)
Clerk's Salary & Expenses - £316.79 - (Ch. No. 300197)
Request for donation towards Village Hall Insurance - £1,059.15p (Ch. No. 30198)
All approved for payment.

2949. Planning Permissions:-
DM/2020/01149 - Request for EIA screening option under Regulation 6.1 for 40 log cabins at Livox Quarry. (The size of the development and the fact the site is sensitive, ie in the AONB and partially in two SSI's, mean MCC must by law be requested to decide whether or not an EIA is required). No comments.

2950. Updates:-
Wye River Bridge - Update received from Gloucestershire County Council. They have secured some funding for the specialist survey work required on the bridge and also the detailed design work. Clerk ask for more information re the design work, what it will cover and when they are going to do some remedial work.
A466 Future Closure - The A466 will be closed for resurfacing works from 21st September for 2 weeks at Brockweir. Following a short delay in submitting the Draft Stage 4 Habitat Regs Assessment to NRW their next meeting with them will be 22nd October. To date they are still on track for a start of work as early after Easter as possible. Clerk ask where the request for Freedom of Information that TCC requested is. Firm information and statement is needed to go on the website and notify the public of start dates for work, reassurances asked for at meeting with Jane Pratt, confirmation if work cannot be completed by first May Bank Holiday it will be put back to 2022. Chairman requested Cllr Webb to set up a further meeting as she is extremely unhappy about the response from MCC for assurances re future closures and lack of progress and clarity as to proposals.
Ambassador Programme - Cllr Richards attended a virtual meeting about the Ambassador Pilot Scheme with MCC Officers, OVW, GAVO & Bridges Centre. Tintern & Abergavenny are pioneers for the scheme and they have interest from other towns & tourist areas. They are looking to recruit more volunteers in early January 2021.
Tintern Business Forum - Cllr Richards had been invited to a Destination Partnership meeting tomorrow as a member of the MCC Business Resilience Forum, but is unable to attend. She is willing to attend future meetings and could represent TCC if Councillors are agreeable. Clerk to ask her to find out what the Destination Partnership is and if TCC should be included. If representation is needed two Councillors should attend and Cllr Hillard is prepared to accompany Cllr Richards. If this is the case ask that future invitations are extended to both Councillors. TCC are happy for Cllr Richards to attend as a member of the Business Forum but will await confirmation that TCC should be represented.
Wye Valley Villages Project - Nothing to report.

2951.Reports from outside bodies:-
Lower Wye Valley Building Preservation Trust - No report.
Fryer's Wharf - No report. Repairwork been done to a good standard.
Village Hall - AGM held 22nd September and the issue of asbestos in the roof space was raised. A quote has been received for £2,750 but a second quote is awaited. When forthcoming this will be discussed at the October meeting when TCC will decide how much they are able to give towards the work. As this issue is probably the responsibility of TCC as owners of the Hall they would like to see copies of the report when available and prior to discussion at the next meeting. Three retiring members of the committee, but five new members, now totalling 10. Gas pipeworks completed, electrical works being undertaken, new cooker to be installed. Covid protocols put in place to enable the Hall to be used safely.
Llandogo School - The Governing Body is working closely with Monmouthshire to reverse past financial deficits and the measures taken thus far are yielding results to the satisfaction of all parties. The School continues to work with Monmouthshire to ensure the best possible future for the School, although this is yet to be finalised. Sally-Ann Wright is proving to be an effective and forward-looking Head and the School are pleased to have appointed Emma Merrett to the post of temporary Assistant Head.
St Michael's Church - Restoration work proceeding to plan, hopefully to be completed in February. Archaeological report carried out and several items of interest found. Congregation are meeting in the churchyard for services. As the weather worsens they are looking for alternative locations for Sunday meetings. Remembrance Day Service needs an outdoor venue to enable it to be held, no decisions as yet as to where this can be. Christmas Services also need to be sorted. Several enquires for future weddings.

2952.Reports from Sub-Committees:- Finance - Minor query from the Auditor regarding posting of Notice of Exercise of Electors Rights on the website which has been rectified.

2953. Review Standing Orders: These had been circulated to Councillors and one minor amendment made relating to remote meetings. Subject to this amendment all Councillors agreed to the updated Standing Orders.

2954. Electric Vehicle Charging Points: Gwent Energy have received funding for charger point sites in Monmouth and Abergavenny but not Tintern as traffic is considered to be too light to justify it. If MCC Car Parks give the go ahead they may be able to install a charger themselves, but have asked if TCC could help with the funding, or even purchase a charger themselves and receive the income. Also asked if TCC have any suitable sites in their ownership. Clerk ask how much one would cost, likely revenue, ongoing maintenance costs and what sites in Tintern they think are suitable. Reiterate we think the Abbey Car Park would be the best site.

2955. Former Piano Shop: Tintern has been inundated with visitors recently but still have issues with encouraging visitors to explore the wider village attractions and businesses. An opportunity has risen to rent the former Piano Shop which would be ideal as a tourist information centre and base for the Ambassadors. Councillors did not feel they could support this. In any event the premises appeared to have new tenants believed to be the proprietors of the Filling Station Caf.

2956. Proposal for use of Land below Filling Station Caf: Proposal for lease of this area of land by the owners of the Filling Station Caf received. Clerk was asked to enquire of Mr & Mrs Kennedy whether they are prepared to bear the legal costs in drawing up the lease and ask for confirmation that they are renting the piano shop before a firm decision is made. A decision was deferred until the next meeting following confirmation as to whether the Kennedys have taken on the rental of the piano shop and still require the land.

2957. Relocation of planter near Wye Lodge: Request received from the owners of Wye Lodge for this to be relocated as apparently it obstructs access to the drainage cover and could cause flooding. New location required. Clerk ask Colin Dudley if he would be prepared to move it.

2958. 20mph speed limit in village: MCC Highways have been assessing what other measures can be taken to make the 20mph limit more prominent and encourage compliance. Some locations have been identified as suitable to install speed indicator displays (by low masonry wall past the George sign and within the corner of the grassed area on the riverside of the A466 just after the parking area). Clerk reply saying TCC are happy with the proposed locations.

2959. Correspondence: Letter from Welsh Government Housing & Local Government Minister stating they feel councils have been provided with an opportunity to raise their concerns with MCC & LDBCW and do not consider it provides sufficient reason to change the decision already made. NALC's opinion is also that no further action can be taken to challenge the Order to be made following the Community Boundary Review.

2960.Any Other Business: Cllr Cobb raised a request for signs for the public toilets by White Monk Caf. Staff at White Monk have requested additional, permanent, signage to direct public to the toilets. There is currently only one directional sign which is badly placed, not at head height. During current times enquiries for directions is increasing, therefore increasing footfall in the Caf. The request is for some permanent, standard public toilet signs, possibly one at the Abbey car park side of the rear of the Caf and one on the front side pavement. May be as a temporary solution until signs are made some yellow temporary signs. Clerk ask Phil Kenney, MCC if they can put this in place.
Cllr Hoskins asked when work on rebuilding the wall on Trellech Road adjacent to Parva Springs is going to be completed as work started but now ceased. Clerk to chase.
Email from Mark Hand, MCC re Highway 53.4 (Traffic Regulation Order at Glynwood). A resident had raised a query regarding the "no motor vehicles" signs and MCC have confirmed that these were erected by them and relate to a Prohibition of Motor Vehicles Order to try and combat the problem with off-roading. Clerk to ask why TCC was not informed of this notice when St Arvans were, the specific reasons for this particular green lane only being closed to motor vehicles when there are others in the community area which encounter the same problems and have not been issued with an order.
Cllr Evans reported that it appears that customers of the Royal George Hotel are using the village hall car park as an overspill car park.
Cllr Shewell has received numerous complaints about cyclists in the village. Other Councillors confirmed they were receiving similar complaints. They are ignoring the traffic lights by Wyndcliff, speeding throughout the village, congregating on the junction by the Royal George and on pavements through the village, thus making it difficult for pedestrians to safely socially distance. Clerk make the Police aware of this and also write to MP, David Davies.

Councillors then moved on to discuss a confidential matter in the absence of County Cllr Webb and the Clerk.

On reconvening they decided that all future meetings would be held in the Village Hall as long as Covid Restrictions permit. There can be no public forum, so the public are invited to raise any issues by email to the Clerk. Thereafter, if restrictions are changed, meetings will be held by telephone conferencing and not by zoom or any other virtual medium.

2961.Date of next meeting: 26th October.