Minutes of a meeting of the above Council held on Monday 26th October 2020 at 7.00pm by telephone conferencing.

Present: Chairman Cllr Shewell, Cllrs Hayward, Hillard, Evans, Richards, Cobb, Ashman, County Cllr Webb & the Clerk.

Public Forum: A member of the public had previously raised the matter of Highway 53.4. This was discussed under Agenda No. 2975.

2962.Police Report: Attached. Cllr Shewell raised two matters, (1) Ongoing problem with drugs in St Mary's Churchyard. (2) Issue raised at last meeting re the blatant disregard of the rules of the road by cyclists. When reported to the Police they responded saying there was little they could do as it is difficult to monitor without seeing it happen themselves. TCC were able to give a specific occasion when Police were present and observed an infringement and took no action.

2963.Apologies for absence: Cllr Hoskins.

2964.Declarations of interest: None.

2965.Approval of minutes of previous meeting: Approved & signed as correct.

2966.Financial Report: Community A/C £7,397.38, BMM A/C £5,642.26. Amount spent to date on Revenue £13,428.43, Capital £647.76 making a total of £14,076.19. VAT has been repaid in the sum of £1,709.37 thus making a total spend to date of £12,366.82.

2967.Accounts for payment:-
Tintern News - £300.00 (Ch. No. 300199)
Clerk's Salary & Expenses - £350.49 (Ch. No. 300200)
Merlin Waste - £33.80 (Ch. No. 300201) - all approved for payment.

2968. Planning Permissions:-
DM/2020/01495 - Land to rear of Royal George Hotel for 4-bedroom dwelling. After detailed discussion TCC noted the improvements made and that the revised application now ties in more appropriately with planning guidelines, but because of the objections from the public would request it goes before full planning committee. They would also ask that the new dwelling is permanently linked to the hotel business. As there have been concerns from residents regarding flooding risks and parking TCC would ask for these to be considered by MCC and the gravelled seating area at the front of the Hotel be permanently reinstated as parking spaces. They would also request that as a condition of the planning MCC require a new area of hedging to replace that being removed. It was also felt the applicants should provide an archaeological report.

DM/2020/01035 - Certificate of lawful use or development for siting of Log Cabin ancillary to use of Ravensnest Fishery.

2969. Updates:-
Wye River Bridge - Some funding has been secured to obtain the specialist survey work and detailed design work required. Clerk asked to get more information re the design work, what it will cover and when likely to actually carry out repair work on the bridge. Mr Watkins asked Glos CC's Structures Colleague to provide information as to what the investigation work will consist of. Email received 16/10/2020 with details; still limited in terms of dates, etc, but aim is to have as much of the investigation and assessment works completed by the end of the financial year. Clerk query when Glos CC are going to do some repairwork.
A466 Future Closure - Freedom of Information request received via email 2/10/2020 and circulated to Cllrs. Microsoft Teams Meeting with MCC Highways took place 20th October virtually attended by Cllrs Shewell, Cobb & Ashman, County Cllr Webb and members of MCC Highways. Apologies were given for the delay in providing the Freedom of Information Request. The issue with the response from NRW has still not been resolved and MCC suggested TCC raise this with the Welsh Assembly. MCC were having a further meeting last Thursday with NRW. TCC once again asked for work to start the Friday after the Easter Bank Holiday and finish by the beginning of the early May Bank Holiday, but MCC could not promise to achieve this. TCC also asked for the work to be delayed until 2022 so the appropriate surveys could be completed if the 2021 deadline could not be met. Cllr Richards stated that the Business Forum would like Bob Greenland to be made aware of this and she asked that she, in conjunction with County Cllr Webb raise it with him. Clerk asked to chase up the Ecological Report with MCC, together with the outcome of the meeting with NRW and Statement they promised for publication. Notes that despite assurances given at the Zoom Meeting MCC has not provided and update from their meeting with NRW or provided a statement to be issued to the community as promised by officers.
Tintern Business Forum - Forum Meeting held a couple of weeks ago prior to the firebreak and regular updates on financial position circulated. Destination Partnership Project. Cllr Richards circulated details of this project. She had been asked following the previous meeting to ascertain whether a representative from TCC was needed at meetings. It is mainly to promote tourism and until now has only been in the major towns. She will ask whether they wish representatives from TCC to attend.
Business Resilience Forum - At a recent Forum meeting MCC were successful in their appeal to the Welsh Government for funding to be made available to businesses affected by local lockdowns. More information to follow. Following a presentation regarding the promotion of the Shop Local Campaign for Christmas several suggestions were received. It is hoped TCC will endorse and promote Christmas events and several ideas from Tintern have been received, eg Santa Dog Walk (28th December), Santa Football Match, Childrens Treasure Hunt, Best lit house/garden, TCC to buy their own Xmas Tree from a local source. There was pressure for a small Xmas Market, but due to Covid a risk assessment would need to be carried out together with supervision, for which Cllr Richards is reluctant to take on. Cllr Richards asked for TCC's support in encouraging local residences/businesses to put up their own Xmas lights. Cllrs were happy to give this. Cllr Shewell asked Cllr Evans to put a notice on the website to this effect.
Tintern Ambassador Scheme - This has now been completed and no charge for expenses will be made to TCC by the Volunteering for Wellbeing Project as they have funds still available from the grant. It is hoped TCC will give their support for the scheme to run again next year. Agenda for November meeting for discussion how this scheme can be taken forward next year.
Wye Valley Villages Project - Update received from Roger Hoggins 7/10/2020. After going out to tender two bids were received, but until funding is secured they have not been assessed. He has put pressure on MCC's Accountants for the grant to be considered but they can give no assurance at present that this can be found. A Teams Meeting is being held 3rd November which Cllr Evans will attend.

2970.Reports from outside bodies:-
Lower Wye Valley Building Preservation Trust - No report.
Fryer's Wharf - No report.
Village Hall - Due to latest fire-break restrictions the Hall will be closed until 9th November. Two quotes have been sought for asbestos removal from the loft space in the Hall from specialist contractors. One quotation received, the second one awaited. Once both received, together with a quote from an Analytical Company, the VHC will update TCC. Electrical works completed and upgraded and cooker replaced. Next project will be replacing some of the swing seats in the playground. VHC thanked Cllrs Evans & Shewell for facilitating the £500 donation to the Village Hall Playground from the Film Company on location in Parva Springs (see Agenda No. 2973).
Llandogo School - The implications of the current fire-break lockdown have been investigated and the School envisages very little change to the School's current operations.
St Michael's Church - Thanks to the Village Hall the School had arranged a socially distant, Covid secure, risk assessed Communion Service on 25th October. This has now been cancelled due to lockdown. They have been granted permission to hold a small Remembrance Service on 8th November at 10.30 in the grounds of the Village Hall. Interior restoration work continues.

2971.Reports from Sub-Committees:- Finance. Meeting to be fixed. Asbestos work in Village Hall loft space will need to be discussed for which the VHC have been asked to provide quotes, along with maintenance to the playground. Requested that this be provided by the end of November so that it can be considered when the Finance Committee meet to discuss the TCC budget for next year.

2972. Proposal for use of Land below Filling Station Caf: Following proposal from Mr & Mrs Kennedy to lease the piece of land below the Caf, more information was requested before TCC made a decision. The majority of Councillors present agreed in principal to their proposal to lease this area for an initial term of 5 years. However any lease they have drawn up and which TCC partake in would have to be checked by an independent Solicitor, therefore they felt a financial cap should be put on any costs in checking the lease. Any costs incurred over the agreed cap would have to be borne by the Kennedys. Clerk inform the Kennedys of TCC's decision.

2973. Donation from Film Company to Village Hall Playground: Cllr Evans had been contacted by the Film Company who were filming a new series in the village. They asked if they could make a donation towards the village and the Village Hall Playground Improvement Fund was suggested. A sum of £500 will be paid to the VHC.

2974. Noticeboards: Some of these are in need of replacement, particularly Trellech Grange and Trellech Road. Clerk get quotes for November meeting.

2975. Highway 53.4 Pontysaeson-Fairoak: Following notification received at the last meeting regarding the prohibition of motor vehicles to this route the Clerk was asked to query why TCC had not been informed of the notice and also the specific reasons for the closure when other lanes of the same status have not had the same restriction applied. Email of apology received on 13/10/2020 explaining the reason was following concerns received from local residents of damage to the lane and property. A member of the public had asked who originally raised, promoted or was consulted about the closure and if any declarations of interest were made. Clerk to ask for Freedom of Information request regarding the closure, the decision making process and whether any declarations of interest were made.

2976. Plot of Land to rear of Royal George Hotel: The owners of the Hotel have revised their plans for a potential building plot in the rear car park and will be putting in a new planning application shortly. Application now received and discussed under 2968.

2977. Correspondence: PC Andrew Jones, Gwent Police - response re query raised at September meeting regarding the issue of cyclists congregating in the village.
MCC - Replacement Local Development Plan update. They feel all parties have had ample time to comment on this matter and will not be extending it further.
Jan Whitham, MCC - support announced for businesses affected by the firebreak lockdown. Cllr Richards will be circulating further updates tomorrow.
Audit Wales Media - future audit arrangements for community & town councils in Wales. Webinar to be held November 2020.
Letter of request for financial support from Cerebral Palsy Charity. Leave a decision until the Finance Meeting.

2978.Any Other Business: Email from Catherine Aherne regarding height barriers which have been erected in Lower Wireworks Car Park. Objections from residents as some use this for delivery vehicles due to the restricted access to a number of properties in the area. Clerk contacted MCC Countryside and they confirmed that metal posts and a gate have been installed which will only be used when and if Covid restrictions require it. Clerk notify Mrs Aherne and query with MCC that they gave the Fish & Chip Van permission to trade there, therefore if they close the car park will need to give notice and an alternative place to park.
Cllr Richards reported she is on the Give Dog Fouling the Red Card Group. A meeting was held last week and there will be a Public Spaces Protection Order consultation in the near future for which she will circulate minutes.
Cllr Richards is also contacting Sue Parkinson regarding re-siting of some of the litter bins.
One of the Ambassadors reported the interpretation panel by The Anchor is badly overgrown and needs to be cleared. Clerk look into this.
Cllr Ashman re dog fouling. He has picked up several bags left on pavements, etc.

2979.Date of next meeting: 30th November.