Minutes of a meeting of the above Council held on Monday 30th November 2020 at 7.00pm by telephone conferencing.

Present: Chairman Cllrs Shewell, Cobb, Evans, Richards, Ashman, Hillard, County Cllr Webb & the Clerk. No public forum held.

2980.Police Report: Attached.

2981Apologies for absence: Cllrs Hoskins & Hayward.

2982.Declarations of interest: None.

2983.Approval of minutes of previous meeting: Approved & signed as correct.

2984.Financial Report: BMM A/C £5,642.26, Community A/C £6,699.20.
Amount spent to date on revenue £13,812.72, capital £947.76 making a total spend to date of £13,650.63.

2985.Accounts for payment:-
Merlin Waste - £33.80 (Ch. No. 300202)
Village Hall Room Hire - £36 (Ch. No. 300203)
Clerk's Salary & Expenses - £356.13 (Ch. No. 300204)
Llandogo School - £500 (Ch. No. 300205)
All approved for payment.

2986. Planning Permissions: None.

2987. Updates:-
Wye River Bridge (Wireworks Bridge) - Glos CC's structural maintenance team's consultants are aiming to provide a high level programme of proposed repairworks which should provide an indication of when and what the work will involve. Clerk chase.
A466 Future Closure - Update received 1/12/2020; MCC recently had a meeting with NRW & Welsh Government regarding the Habitat Regulations Assessment. They are happy overall with work carried out so far and hope to have all necessary consents by mid to late January, when they should be able to appoint a Contractor. Another meeting with NRW & WG in next few weeks. It is still projected to commence works 6th April 2021. Works will require a four week full closure followed by two weeks with traffic light controlled, single lane closure. Cllr Richards felt that another closure after Easter would cause a considerable amount of anguish as businesses are struggling due to the pandemic. Chairman concerned about the need to keep the community apprised of developments. County Cllr Webb asked to request a formal statement for publication in time for the early January meeting.
Tintern Business Forum - Destination Partnership Project. Cllr Richards has followed up the relocation of some of the litter bins in the village and there are three still to be moved. When this has been done the dog waste stickers will be placed on them.
Business Resilience Forum - MCC are organising the Shop Local for Xmas Project and have a Shop Local Xmas Crafting Challenge to support local businesses. The Hub will allow Llandogo School to decorate a window for this challenge. MCC's Communications Manager has offered the Business Forum a free two-hour social media marketing masterclass in February. Cllr Richards & County Cllr Webb attended a meeting last week, another due next week; lockdown, no financial assistance to some small businesses and Xmas planning were discussed. There is going to be a countywide consultation re parking in the New Year.
Wye Valley Villages Project - Email received 10/11/2020 confirming sufficient funding is now in place to allow the study to proceed. MCC asking whether the four community councils involved could give £1,000 each towards the project. After discussion at the Finance Meeting it was agreed that TCC would give £1,000 towards this. Tender documents received from Arup, the Company chosen to handle the study. Cllr Evans attended a Microsoft Teams meeting on 30th November and all present voted to accept the quote from Arup which will now go ahead as it is within budget. He will circulate details.
Highway 53.4 Pontysaeson-Fairoak - TCC were going to consider whether there were any other green lanes in the area that they felt off-road bikes should be banned from. Re-agenda for discussion in January.

2988.Reports from outside bodies:-
Lower Wye Valley Building Preservation Trust - AGM to be held shortly. Clerk had email from the Trust asking if there was any progress from the Solicitors. She contacted TCC's Solicitors and they reported they are in the process of providing the information the Trust require. Trust informed.
Fryer's Wharf - No report.
Village Hall - Two quotations now received from specialist contractors for the asbestos removal from the roof space of £12,958.41 + VAT & £8,185 + VAT. There will also be the cost of Analytical Monitoring on top of this. VHC are happy to accept the lower quote. This was discussed at the Finance Meeting and agreed that as TCC own the Village Hall they should set aside £10,000 under Maintenance in the 2021/22 Budget to go towards this. Cllr Richards asked whether access to the loft space was still needed and Cllr Cobb confirmed it was. Donation from TV Company has come through. Hall is still available for hire in line with current restrictions.
Llandogo School - The School are planning to invest in extending the library and have requested the donation of £500 which TCC have set aside in their budget to go towards this. Councillors agreed to give this amount. The Governing Body are working with MCC regarding the federation of the School with Kymin View School. The Chief Officer for Children & Young People has issued a consultation document to gather views prior to assessing this prior meaning schools will be independent but have one governing body.
St Michael's Church - As the Remembrance Service could not be held in the Church it was held on the Leyton's Field. Thanks go to the Anchor Inn, the Bugler and those who attended, socially distancing. Thanks also to the Village Hall for allowing a Communion Service to be held the 29th November. The Xmas Eve Service & Xmas Morning Communion Service will probably be held outside the village hall, both limited numbers, interest of attendance to be registered. Restoration work proceeds at a pace. New flooring has been laid in the chancel and nave and plastering is in hand.

2989.Reports from Sub-Committees:- Finance. The Finance Committee met on the 25th November to discuss the 2021/22 Budget. It was agreed to set aside £10,000 under maintenance in the budget towards removal of asbestos from the Village Hall loft space as TCC own the Hall. As £1,500 had been set aside in the 2020/21 Budget for Village Hall expenditure it was agreed this could be paid if required, but the VHC may have to wait until the asbestos removal work has been carried out and it was also agreed no further amount would be set aside in the 2021/22 Budget for Hall expenditure.
Cllr Richards had asked that TCC set aside a sum in the budget towards pavement/grass verge clearing but Cllrs at the Finance Meeting did not think TCC should pay for this as this was something MCC should do and if budgeted for by TCC would only help to increase residents council tax. She also requested that TCC purchase four more dog waste bins. It was felt that TCC could not afford four but could at this stage purchase one to go up Chapel Hill to replace a bin that had been removed. Clerk to liaise with MCC regarding order one.
Cllr Ashman asked where the stickers to go on the general bin were. Cllr Richards has them but they have not been put on yet until the rest of the bins that need relocating have been moved.
Cllr Richards raised an issue with general litter following a meeting with Susan Parkinson, MCC Waste & Street Services. The two recycling bins on the roundabout by Tintern Abbey are being used for general rubbish and they recommended installing a general bin to replace the recycling bins. MCC would provide the labour but do not have the funds to pay for the bins and would expect TCC to do so. It was agreed by TCC that they could not afford this in the 2021/22 Budget but would flag it up in 2022/23. The bin by the Village Green on Forge Road is being used for household waste. Suggested it could be replaced with a more suitable bin or MCC check the rubbish to ascertain who it belongs to. It was agreed TCC ask MCC for the bins to be collected twice weekly on Mondays & Fridays and also ask if they can arrange for a search of the litter bin at Forge Road to try and ascertain an address of the illegal user.
Clerk's Salary was discussed
Cllr Richards confirmed the Fete Committee are still planning to hold the Fete in 2021 and have a virtual meeting in January to discuss this. She was asked to inform TCC when a decision has been made so that the budget can be adjusted accordingly.

2990. Proposal for use of Land below Filling Station Caf: The proposed Lessees wish to go ahead with a lease of this land for a period of 5 years but wish to draw up a simple lease themselves. TCC informed them that if they did so TCC would need to get any lease checked by an independent Solicitor and would have to put a financial cap on the cost of this. Any additional costs over this would have to be borne by the proposed Lessees. Clerk write to the proposed Lessees saying TCC are happy for them to get the lease drawn up which our Solicitors would have to approve.

2991. Ambassador Scheme: The scheme was run August/September and suggestions for ways this can be taken forward next year were asked for. There is money available to MCC from an EU Grant towards recruitment and training. This would need to start in January if it were to go ahead. Cllr Richards has asked Bridges to provide a cost but still awaiting confirmation of this and asked if TCC would be prepared to set aside a sum in the budget if Bridges could not fund it. Cllr Shewell stated TCC could not make a decision until they knew a cost and asked Cllr Richards if she could obtain a cost in time for the early January meeting as this would have to be considered when setting the budget. Cllr Richards asked Councillors whether they felt this was a worthwhile project to take forward; Cllr Evans did not agree with it, Cllrs Ashman & Hillard had no comment and Cllr Cobb could not make a decision until have firm costs are available. Reagenda for January.

2992. Query re lack of consistency in the rule that two Councillors be present at external meetings: This matter was raised by Cllr Richards. She is the sole representative on the Dog Fouling Group, but two councillors were requested for the Destination Partnership, therefore felt the ruling was inconsistent. Cllr Shewell explained that when the Wye Valley Villages Project was first set up they asked for only one representative from each Council and reiterated TCC try to be consistent wherever possible but there will be occasions where this rule cannot apply. Nevertheless, the protocol is that if at all possible meetings should be attended by two councillors. Cllr Hillard felt the rule applied to meetings with the general public and officers of MCC. Cllr Shewell expressed that if a Councillor attended a meeting as a representative they must not express a personal view.

2993. Noticeboards: New ones are required for Trellech Grange & Trellech Road. Clerk obtained some costings which were discussed and it was agreed the Clerk order these two noticeboards.

2994. AONB Funding for Projects in Wye Valley: Email received from AONB announcing funding from Welsh Government for a range of projects in Wales (see below).

2995. Tidal Power: Cllr Evans explained that AONB have announced there is funding available for local sustainable projects up to £3,000 and felt a feasibility study could possibly be done around tidal power which would tie in with the Local Energy initiative. Cllr Richards felt this was a good idea. Cllr Evans will look into this and take it forward. Cllr Ashman will assist him where necessary. Cllr Ashman explained he had found a previous report online re generating electricity from water supply from TAP, but Cllr Shewell informed him this did not go ahead.

2996. Request from MCC's Children's Services Team for financial donation: Donations towards Charities was discussed at the Finance Meeting and numerous requests were considered. Due to the pandemic it was suggested by the Finance Committee that a donation towards the two local Food Banks would be a suitable local charity as some families are encountering severe financial hardship. Cllrs agreed to this donation being made.

2997. Correspondence: One Voice Wales - Ways in which OVW membership could access the current Circular Economy Fund. Welsh Government have an additional £3.5 million earmarked for reuse activities in communities.
MCC Planning - Replacement Local Development Plan Revised Delivery Agreement.
Hannah Osman, Refill Wales Manager - Asking if our Council would be interested in working with them to connect to people looking for water. Cllr Richards asked if TCC wanted her to forward it on to the businesses. This they were happy for her to do.

2998.Any Other Business: Email from Judith Parry of Penterry asking for the Chapel Hill Road to be swept of leaves and the drains cleared out. County Cllr Webb will report this.
Cllr Ashman stated the Wye Valley Hotel is closed now up until Xmas.
Cllr Cobb - Staff in the White Monk thanked TCC for arranging for the signage to the public toilets to be moved and improved.
She had also received a query about another large delivery vehicle stuck in the Upper Glyn Road and asked how what was happening with TCC's request for more permanent restricted width signage on these narrow roads. Cllr Shewell asked County Cllr Webb to bring this matter up again with Mark Hand, MCC.
Cllr Richards has received reports of the Wye River Bridge still being used by vehicular traffic. Clerk write to Glos CC stating that it has been brought to our attention that vehicles are still using the bridge.
Cllr Richards had complaints re the condition of the Village Green. Prunings left on the ground, the chain has been broken and one post broken. Clerk asked to report this to Cllr Hayward.
Cllrs Shewell & Richards stated that the refuse collection in Chapel Lane is inconsistent.
County Cllr Webb was asked to look into this.
Cllrs Hoskins & Hayward will purchase a Xmas tree.

2999.Date of next meeting: January 4th.