Minutes of a meeting of the above Council held on Monday 25th January 2021 by telephone conferencing.

Present: Cllrs Shewell, Hayward, Evans, Ashman, Hillard, Cobb, County Cllr Webb & the Clerk.

2319.Police Report: Attached.

2320Apologies for absence: Cllrs Hoskins & Richards.

2321.Declarations of interest: Cllr Ashman re 2326.

2322.Approval of minutes of previous meeting: Approved & signed as correct.

2323.Financial Report: Community A/C £11,383.47, BMM A/C £5,642.40p.
Amount spent to date on revenue £14,777.45, capital £1,547.76. Net total spend of £14,615.84p.

2324.Accounts for payment:-
External Auditor's Fee - £269.95 (Ch. No. 300210)
Merlin Waste - £33.80 (Ch. No. 300211)
Clerk's Salary & Expenses - £301.60 (Ch. No. 300212)
All approved for payment.

2325. Planning Permissions:
DM/2020/01495 - New 4-bed Dwelling on Land adjacent to The Royal George Hotel.
After discussion the Clerk was asked to respond saying TCC have no comments other than what was set out in their original response, but would ask that MCC provide them with a plan identifying the parking spaces and also question the number of rooms in hotel and annexe. If the application goes to committee Cllr Ashman offered to attend.
DM/2018/01912 - Revised application on Land south of former Abbey Hotel for 3 dwellings & conversion of existing barn. Cllr Richards raised several issues which were considered by TCC. Clerk respond saying TCC are happy to support the application, provided they can be given assurance, and a condition be put on the application, that work takes place to the main hotel building following the work in this application.

2326. Updates:-
A466 Future Closure - Update received from MCC saying the Habitat Regulations documents are with NRW for comment and will then be sent to WG for approval. They are preparing to go out to tender as soon as documents submitted to WG and will be engaging early with the appointed contractor to finalise the timescale for works and confirmation whether a full 4-week closure is needed. They remain on track for commencement on 6th April 2021. Clerk reply saying TCC are pleased to note that this is still the plan and asking them to let TCC have a statement for the website asap.
Tintern Business Forum - Abigail Barton, MCC's Communications Manager will be running a virtual training session in February about social media as a marketing tool. Several businesses have expressed an interest in attending.
Business Resilience Forum - MCC's Forum meeting scheduled for 8th January was cancelled. Updates re Covid Grants have been provided by MCC which have been circulated.
Tintern Ambassador Scheme - Cllr Richards attended a Zoom meeting on the 20th January with Nadine Lewis & Fiona Wilton. Recruitments of the ambassadors will be organised by Bridges Charity commencing February 2021. Training via Zoom will run for six weeks commencing in March. It is hoped to have ambassadors in the village from the May Bank Holiday.
Wye Valley Villages Project - No further report since SWOT meeting earlier in the month.
Tidal Power Project - Several responses of interest received as a result of notice on the website. Cllr Evans had looked into this in November following an email from AONB saying there was funding for local sustainable projects up to £3,000. He felt a feasibility study could be done. Cllr Ashman offered to respond to the emails.
Restricted Byway 381/49 - MCC informed TCC they have done repairwork to this path but a community member has raised several queries. Clerk emailed MCC querying whether the work is a permanent fix. Response received from Richard Garner, MCC on 25th January 2021 stating works carried out to date address the immediate concerns over public safety and prevent the issue of water running down the hillside. The two trees that have fallen are the responsibility of the land owners to make safe. MCC are in the process of having a tree assessment undertaken on the route, results of which will be passed to the land owners. If funding is available in the long term MCC would like to carry out further works to the route to improve accessibility. County Cllr Webb will request a site meeting with herself & Cllrs Hayward & Ashman. Clerk inform the community member that in the light of their concerns TCC are requesting a site meeting and will let them know the outcome.
Highway 53.4, Pontysaeson - Response from Mandy Mussell MCC saying she has passed on to Ruth Rourke who has passed it on to Paul Keeble. He responded saying he has passed it on to his colleagues but as they are busy it may take time to respond. County Cllr Webb has emailed Mr Keeble today and asked him to set up a Teams meeting in February.

2327.Reports from outside bodies:-
Lower Wye Valley Building Preservation Trust - No report.
Fryer's Wharf - Discuss quotation of £3,795 + VAT from Digby Civils for repairwork to the stream embankment. On instructions from the Chairman the Clerk has submitted a claim to TCC's Insurers for the work and is awaiting a confirmatory telephone call on the 27th January. It was agreed by Councillors at the meeting that once the Insurers consent was given they would give Cllrs Shewell & Hayward permission to sanction the go-ahead. Confirmation subsequently received from the Insurers that TCC are covered and they will pay the sum of £3,165.73 towards the cost of the work. Clerk notified Digby Civils who hope to do the work in early February 2021.
Village Hall - Analytical Monitoring Quote £750 + VAT for work to the roof space. The Hall is still closed but being used as a hub for delivery of the Covid vaccine.
Llandogo School - Consultation with all parties regarding the Federation is ongoing. The School's financial situation is showing continued improvement in line with MCC Councillors request. The School have recruited more Governors and now only lack one LEA Governor.
St Michael's Church - Restoration works proceeding, expecting internal work will be done in February. Delivery of seating expected towards end of March. Sunday Services now being held by Zoom every Sunday. Any member of the public who wishes to take part should contact Cllr Hillard.

2328.Reports from Sub-Committees:- Finance. Precept for 2021/22 submitted to MCC.

2329. Unclassified Routes in the community area: Email query received from a member of the public via Freedom of Information. Clerk reply suggesting they contact MCC who deal with these routes and can answer their queries.

2330. Correspondence: A further item had been drawn to the attention of the Council via WhatDoTheyKnow, but no direct contact had been made to the Council, therefore no response could be made.

2331.Any Other Business: Cllr Cobb had been approached by a member of the public who witnessed what they thought was erratic driving and illegal behaviour in Tintern Abbey Car Park. They filmed the incident to get registration plates and reported it to the Police. Cllr Evans reported he had been approached by residents regarding the ongoing issue of motorists still speeding through the village. Cllr Ashman reported that the 20mph signs are now in place. Cllr Richards had raised a query from social media reports from residents about the confusion over the 20mph speed signs as some of the 30mph signs had been uncovered. She asked for confirmation from MCC that the 20mph speed limit will be permanent. Clerk enquire.
Cllr Shewell reported that residents would like the dog waste bin on Chapel Hill Lane to be sited on the grass verge, below the tree, leading up to St Mary's Churchyard. Clerk notify Sue Parkinson, MCC.

2332.Date of next meeting: 22nd February.