Minutes of a meeting of the above Council held on Monday 29th March 2021 at 7.00pm by telephone conferencing.

Present: Chairman Cllr Shewell, Cllrs Hayward, Richards, Evans, Cobb, Ashman, Hillard, Hoskins, County Cllr Webb & the Clerk.

3048.Police Report: Attached. Little to report except continued calls regarding off-road bikes in the area. Police are continuing to patrol the village to ensure people follow Covid rules.

3049.Apologies for absence: None.

3050.Declarations of interest: None.

3051.Approval of minutes of previous meeting: Approved & signed as correct.

3052.Financial Report: BMM A/C £5,642.54, Community A/C £8,828.48. VAT repaid on 05/03/2021 of £913.18p. Interest on BMM A/C of 0.14p. Amount spent to date on capital £2,396.53, revenue £19,679.22 making a total spend of £22,076.

3053.Accounts for payment:-
Merlin Waste - £43.33 (Ch. No. 300220)
Clerk's Salary & Expenses - £334.00 (Ch. No. 300221)
Approved for payment.

3054. Planning Permissions:-
DM/2021/00213 - Yew Tree Cottage, Penterry - rear extension. Approved.
DM/2021/00339 - The Meads Farm, Trellech Grange - change of use of two buildings from agriculture to storage of vehicles. Approved.
DM/2021/00403 - Sawyers Place - demolition of garage and replacing with timber framed garage & log store. Approved.
DM/2021/00458 - Brook Barn, Trelleck Road - proposed stable block. Approved.
DM/2021/00404 - Hazelgrove, Trellech Road. Timber clad gable ends.
Update on planning issues:-
DM/2020/01495 - Proposed 4-bed dwelling at rear of Royal George Hotel. As several objections have been received the Case Officer will look at the matter next Thursday on their return from holiday. The matter will be discussed at full planning committee.
DM/2018/01912- Land to south of former Abbey Hotel - The Planning Officer has continuing concerns over the new build and currently awaits amended plans.
DC/2012/00620 & 621 - Former Abbey Hotel - A site visit by MCC is being arranged.
Cllr Richards raised concerns over work being carried out by MCC & AONB on the Stony Road to help resolve water management issues and damage to specific rights of way and highways in the Wye Valley. The original plan was to bring vehicles up Chapel Hill Road but the contractor is not happy to do this as access is too narrow. They have asked Mr Jones for permission to come through the Abbey Hotel car park. Cllr Shewell reported TCC had raised our concerns with MCC & AONB about heavy traffic using Chapel Hill Road, hence the alternative solution.

3055. Updates:-
A466 Future Closure - Grant funding has been secured from the W.G. and tree felling works will start when the second closure takes place from 6th April-2nd May 2021. The contractors propose working a 6-day week so hope the road closure will be slightly less than the 4 weeks. Pre-contract meeting held today. Clerk to circulate to Cllrs when final copy of statement for publication is received.
Tintern Business Forum/Business Resilience Forum - Social Media Master Class Meeting held 16th March run by MCC for Tintern Businesses. A meeting of the Business Resilience Forum was held the 17th March. The main topics were to request more financial support from Welsh Government for businesses who have not received grants and to ensure information about changes to Covid restrictions is better managed. Also discussed new Shop Local campaign, economic recovery and future funding for new start-up businesses. A meeting of the Tintern Business Forum has been arranged via Teams for 14th April.

Tintern Ambassador Scheme - Starting second May Bank Holiday with advertising for volunteers starting after Easter. Meeting held with members of MCC, Bridges, Tintern Businesses & Cllr Richards on 23rd March to identify any actions that would assist visitor management at tourist hotspots as there is some funding available. There is also possibly extra funding for cleaning public toilets.
Wye Valley Villages Project - A Vision & Objectives Virtual Workshop was held 10th March 2021 attended by Cllrs Evans & Richards. Visions to preserve, enhance and evolve the landscape and communities were discussed along with a road safety overview. The Initial Ideas & Stage 2 Presentation meetings were cancelled and will be rearranged shortly. They were replaced by a Road Safety Session to be held 30th March which will allow each council to express their concerns and share ideas about road safety which was the original aim of the project.
Highway 53.4, Churchwood Road - County Cllr Webb is endeavouring to set up a meeting.
Restricted Byway 381/49 - County Cllr Webb has requested a meeting, no dates yet.
Greenways Pathway, Diving Centre to Tintern - Cllr Richards attended a Zoom Meeting on 3rd March with representatives from AONB, MCC, Greenways Trust and local businesses. The pathway will be open from 1st April 2021 but the Tidenham Tunnel will only be open daytimes from April to September due to bat protection requirements. It was felt Sustainable Development Grants for enhanced cycle infrastructure in Tintern would be best spent on more cycle racks and secure bike stores.

3056.Reports from outside bodies:-
Lower Wye Valley Building Preservation Trust - No report.
Fryer's Wharf - No report.
Village Hall - Still closed apart from use by the GP Surgery for vaccinations. Hoping to possibly open subject to Covid regulations towards the end of April.
Llandogo School - The Federation of Llandogo & Kymin Schools has been passed unanimously by MCC Cabinet and the process is now ongoing. A joint governing body is being created which will run along with existing bodies until the latter are disbanded. Llandogo School is already enjoying benefits from the federation. Request for grant towards outdoor science equipment in our next financial year. Formal request for April meeting.
St Michael's Church - Zoom Sunday Services continuing. Two Easter Services to be held outside. Church renovations are now complete and new furniture has been delivered. Risk assessment of the Church carried out and hope to open the Church in May for small ceremonies.

3057.Reports from Sub-Committees:- Finance. No report.

3058. Discussion regarding publishing of draft minutes: Cllrs discussed whether a checked draft could be published before finalisation of the formal minutes at the following meeting. Cllrs agreed they would prefer to stay at the current arrangement.

3059. Frequency of emptying dog waste bins: There had been a problem with the bins being over used by waste other than dog waste and Cllr Richards has been monitoring the situation. A decision needs to be made as to whether fortnightly emptying is enough. Cllr Richards is happy to continue checking the bins her end of the village if another Cllr could check the one by the Churchyard. It was agreed to monitor the situation and discuss at next month's meeting. Cllr Richards reported there had been a Give Dog Fouling the Red Card meeting which discussed dog waste and MCC's proposed consultation on Public Space Protection Orders, dispensers for bags, county-wide action days, and an App that monitors where people allow dogs to foul without clearing up. Cllr Shewell stated, and all Councillors agreed, that whatever the case additional emptying may have to be arranged to prevent overflow of contents.

3060. Restricted Byways in the community: Clerk & Chairman had received an email and phone call from a member of the public not residing in the TCC area querying why TCC were trying to get these routes closed as he felt TCC were unfairly prejudiced against off-road vehicles. After speaking to the Chairman he was asked to email his concerns. He now states he is pursuing alternative avenues.

3061. Correspondence: Email from Matthew Lewis, MCC asking if any Tintern businesses with parking that will be closed over Easter would be willing to allow visitors to park in their spaces. He asked whether Cllrs have any issues with the proposal. Cllr Richards will report back that Cllrs felt it was up to the individual businesses. County Cllr Webb suggested perhaps a Park & Ride from Chepstow Racecourse on busy weekends would be a good idea. Cllr Richards commented that this had been discussed at Fete Committee meetings. Cllr Evans also reported the Wye Valley Road Safety have also discussed this.

3062.Any Other Business: AONB are starting a new project in Chapel Hill Road. This is part of a project to help resolve long-standing water management issues and damage to specific public rights of way and highways in the Lower Wye Valley. The Limekiln Brook catchment and Chapel Hill Road were prioritised and a pilot Natural Flood Management Scheme was designed which will be installed from the 29th March. The road will be closed for a 3 week period.

Email from Mark Hand, MCC notifying that an additional grant has been secured for the temporary pavement widening works outside Abbey Mill to be made permanent. This will not now commence until week commencing 12th April for a week with traffic lights. The work is entirely linked with the increased pedestrian and bicycle traffic coming over the Wye Bridge with the opening of the Greenways Route. Cllrs discussed the matter and were divided in their opinion. Cllrs Richards & Evans will raise this at the Wye Valley Villages meeting tomorrow. Clerk reply saying TCC object to this particular course of action and cannot accept the justification for widening this pavement only while they are not considering other dangerous, narrow pavements elsewhere in the village. At a meeting some years ago with MCC it was agreed a plan would be considered to try and help improve this. TCC would like a further meeting with MCC to discuss this.

Cllr Ashman reported he had received concerns from members of the community relating to works that appear to have commenced at Bay Cottage. TCC were pleased to note progress with the project. It was also felt that an archaeologist should visit the site. However, the Planning Enforcement Officer had already opened a case to investigate breaches. Clerk & County Cllr Webb to follow this up.
Cllr Ashman also reported that the owners of the Wye Valley Hotel have asked when resurfacing work to the bottom of Trellech Road and their parking bay is going to be commenced. County Cllr Webb reported that MCC carried out investigation work under the road and a report will be available in time for TCC's next meeting. She has again requested a copy of the report from Paul Keeble.
Cllr Ashman received complaints about the outdoor take-away Caf which has opened at the Royal George Hotel. There were a number of people seated on benches at the premises eating and drinking which is against Covid rules. The Police were called to attend but nothing came up on the monthly report. Clerk & County Cllr Webb to raise this with Police & Environmental Health.
Cllr Ashman also had reports of a Childrens Party going on last Saturday on the village hall playground with a large group attending. Clerk to report these matters to the Police.
Cllr Ashman asked whether there was any time scale for the works to be carried out on the minor landslide on the A466 at the southern end of the village. County Cllr Webb reported that MCC hope to carry out the work while the second A466 closure is in place.
Cllr Ashman reported that he will arrange a meeting with the persons involved with the Tidal Power Project when Covid rules relax.
Cllr Cobb asked that TCC put a notice in the minutes thanking the Surgery for the rapid progress they have made in distributing the vaccine and thanking them for their efforts.
Cllr Evans thanked County Cllr Webb for the work she put in sorting out their wheelie bin collection for garden waste. Due to the steepness of their drive this would have been impossible.
Cllr Richards once again raised the suggestion that MCC are asked if they could carry out some minor tidying up around the Abbey area. County Cllr Webb reported she had taken photos and reported various things to MCC. She also asked if the dog waste bin by the Abbey Roundabout could be moved slightly nearer the pavement. Clerk ask Susan Parkinson if this is possible when they are relocating the litter bin to the Wireworks Bridge.
Cllr Shewell reported that there appears to be a mobile home on ground at Laymans View, on the southern end of the village. Clerk has reported this to Enforcements.

3063.Date of next meeting: 26th April.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 20.32.