Minutes of a meeting of the above Council on Monday 26th April 2021 at 7.00pm held by telephone conferencing.

Present: Chairman Cllr Shewell, Cllrs Hillard, Richards, Evans, Cobb, County Cllr Webb, the Clerk & Mark Hand, MCC Highways.

3064.Police Report: Attached.

3065.Apologies for absence: Cllrs Ashman & Hayward.

3066.Declarations of interest: None.

3067.Approval of minutes of previous meeting: Approved & signed as correct.

3068.Financial Report: BMM A/C £5,642.54p, Community A/C £8,451.15p. Amount spent to date on revenue £884.66, capital £500.

3069.Accounts for payment:-
One Voice Wales subscription- £128 (Ch. No. 300222)
Data Protection registration fee - £40 (Ch. No. 300223)
Merlin Waste - £43.33 (Ch. No. 300224)
Llandogo School - £500 (Ch. No. 300225)
Clerk's Salary & Expenses - £378.95 (Ch. No. 300226)
All approved for payment.

3070. Planning Permissions:-
Laymans View - Cllr Shewell had raised several planning issues with Mark Hand including this one. He will check the situation with colleagues.
DM/2018/01912 & DM/2012/06620 & 621 - Former Abbey Hotel planning and surrounding areas - No further updates.
DM/2020/01495 - Dwelling at rear of Royal George Hotel - Will not be going to planning committee until at least July. Clerk ask Cllr Ashman if he will be able to attend.
Livox Quarry - Email received from Michael Paul Consultancy, the Planning Agent for the proprietors of the National Diving Centre who also own the Livox Quarry. They are proposing to apply for a change of use at the quarry to end the quarrying works and form a small boutique lodge park to promote tourism in the area. This will include improved access to the surrounding public footpaths and connect Chepstow to Tintern. Cllr Richards stated that this could be a pre-planning consultation and if there are Section 106 proposals associated with the application the Council should discuss them. Clerk to ask if this is the case and request more information and also invite the applicants to our next meeting.
DC/2010/01054 (E21/113) - The Bay Cottage - MCC currently have a valid Listed Building Consent for the majority of works being commenced and an Enforcement Case for a few areas which have been affected outside of the consent. Clerk ask for fuller report on proposed works.

3071. Updates:-
A466 Future Closure - Mark Hand, MCC Highways explained that the closure was delayed from 6th April due to licencing issues surrounding the bats and the temperature reaching the required 8 degree threshold, but hopefully work will commence on the 4th May. Works programmed to last for 21 days to hopefully finish by Whit weekend.
Tintern Business Forum/Business Resilience Forum - Meeting held remotely via Microsoft Teams on the 14th April. Minutes circulated. Concerns from businesses about the increased problem with litter (see under Agenda 3075). Meeting of Resilience Forum on 22nd April, attended by Mrs Wilton & Mrs Kennedy. Problems with road closure discussed, another shop-local campaign, filming on 14th May. Mr Roger Hoggins was also in attendance and stated MCC have plans to install some planters in the village as part of the Bee-Friendly Campaign. Clerk query this with Roger Hoggins as we were unaware of this.
Tintern Ambassador Scheme - Money for honey-pot tourist spots from MCC. Nicola Edwards has managed to obtain some grant funding for walkie-talkies and gazebos. Hopefully ambassador training commencing by the Whit Bank Holiday.
Wye Valley Villages Project - A useful remote meeting held 15th April attended by Cllrs Evans & Richards with MCC Officers & Arup to discuss their concerns around road safety and speeding. They feel their concerns are being addressed, although feel Tintern will be the most challenging of the villages.
Highway 53.4, Chapel Hill/Churchgrove - Meetings awaited.
Restricted Byway 381/49 - Meetings awaited.
Wye Valley Greenways Route, Diving Centre to Tintern - This is now open and has been well used over the first weekend.

3072.Reports from outside bodies:-
Lower Wye Valley Building Preservation Trust - No Report.
Fryer's Wharf - No Report.
Village Hall - It is hoped the Hall will be able to open as from the 3rd May with restricted numbers and social distancing rules in place. GP Surgery still using the Hall as a vaccination hub. New seats on the playground swings fitted. Front garden planter replanted. Mr Alan Parker has made a fabulous sun dial for the Hall. Next Maintenance Day 8th May. The asbestos work to the loft space is to be booked in shortly. The next upgrade works will be the installation of a fence by the playground.
Llandogo School - The School is planning to extend the outside learning of all pupils and wishes to purchase science equipment for STEM Classes. They have asked for a donation from TCC towards this. Cllr Evans proposed & Cllr Shewell seconded an amount of £500 be paid as this sum had been set aside in the budget. All Councillors agreed.
A meeting of both governing bodies was held on 22nd April where some members were put forward for positions on the new governing body. Cllr Evans has been put forward as a local authority governor rather than a minor authority governor. Both bodies will carry responsibility for those schools until 31st August when the new body will become responsible. Further meeting has been arranged for 9th June to determine further posts and committee membership.
St Michael's Church - Easter Service held in the Church and following approval of a continuing risk assessment now holding the usual 10.30am Sunday Services provided attendance is notified in advance. For the time being the Church is not open for private prayer. The Diocese is conducting a programme of change to the way it is organised and is introducing Ministry Areas. It is proposed Tintern will form part of the Monmouth Area of 19 Churches let by two or three stipendiary posts. Currently awaiting further details on how this will affect the running of St. Michael's, but do not anticipate any change will be noticed and closure is not part of the plans. They are working towards a celebratory re-opening towards the end of September, around Michaelmas. AGM held on 25th April.
3073.Reports from Sub-Committees:- Finance. Clerk will be delivering the accounts to the Internal Auditor later this week. Email request received from WyeV Radio for financial assistance towards the new radio station. (see under Agenda No. 3077).

3074. Clarification re boundary changes to community councils: Cllr Richards had asked for clarification relating to the merging of community councils in the Wye Valley area. The Clerk has spoken to OVW and they are still awaiting guidance from Welsh Government who are waiting to get an order signed off setting out the changes. Once this is received Legal Orders will be sent to all councils. They have asked for a meeting with Welsh Government and suggest councils start identifying any issues they may have. There seems to be some confusion about the implications for Tintern.

3075. Litter Bins in the village: There has been an issue recently of the bins being filled up long before collection day and the dog waste bins being misused. Mark Cleaver, MCC met in the village with the Clerk, County Cllr Webb & 2 Councillors on the 26th April. He agreed as a temporary arrangement to supply the Council with 3 wheelie bins so the amount of waste can be monitored as he felt this problem could be as a result of Covid restrictions and only take-aways being used and when lockdown is lifted this may ease up. He felt the recycling bins do not give a good quality recycling product as contaminated waste is being put in the bins and render it unusable. The MCC operatives are doing a survey of the waste profile so they can work with councils to get better usage. It was agreed to continue monitoring the dog waste bin problem.

3076. Update on MCC meeting re flood prevention plans, Angiddy Valley.
Mr David Benson is in contact with MCC Flood Management Team regarding the responsibility for maintenance of the Furnace Pond & Beaufort Dam as flooding caused many residents of Forge Road to be concerned about the overall management of the Angiddy Brook. A walk-about meeting took place on the 19th April attended by Mr Benson, County Cllr Webb, Matt Jeffes & Ross Price from MCC. County Cllr Webb reported that they walked the pathway by the dams and she put Mr Benson in touch with AONB as they may have some funding for improvement works to the Dams. Notes from the MCC Officer who attend the meeting are awaited.
She also said the Tintern Angling Club would appreciate some thanks for the work they have done on the ponds. Clerk send email.

3077. Correspondence: Email from Mr. A. Butt, WyeV Radio who are a local group progressing the setting up of this community digital radio service to the Lower Wye Valley area. They are seeking funding to acquire equipment in order to try and begin broadcasting this coming September. Clerk to reply saying TCC are prepared in principal to support the venture but require fuller information as to the specific use they require the funding for.

3078.Any Other Business: Cllr Hillard & County Cllr Webb commented on the new pavement outside Abbey Mill. It is causing a lot of problems and has already been hit by cars. Cyclists are also coming out of the Greenways Route straight onto the new pavement and onto the A466. It was felt that road layout change signs and night-time reflectors, to make motorists aware of new pavement, would help alleviate the problem. A sign is also needed coming over the bridge pointing pedestrians down the proper footway and not down the path to the oap bungalows. Clerk report this to Mark Hand & Graham Kinsella, MCC.
Cllr Evans has received complaints of an increase in motorbikes using the unclassified route behind Parva Springs. County Cllr Webb asked Cllr Evans to email her details.
Mr Lawrence from Crafticalia wished his thanks be extended to the contractors working on the new pavement who asked for water and sent flowers to Mrs Lawrence as a thank you for the kindness shown.
Also a problem reported of cyclists travelling down the Trellech Road at tremendous speed and also cycling in large groups, posing a danger to motorists and pedestrians. County Cllr Webb will try and set up a meeting with the Police Superintendent & Cllrs. Report of a drunk driver who drove off the road by the Wye Valley Hotel and wrote two vehicles off last week. County Cllr Webb & Cllr Shewell, with Mr & Mrs Cooke, had a meeting and suggested a low-level chevron on the corner of the hotel car park and Trellech Road junction. County Cllr Webb has asked MCC Highways Safety Audit Officer to visit.

3078.Date of next meeting: AGM May 24th. It is proposed this meeting be held in the Village Hall. A full Covid 19 Risk Assessment for face to face TCC meetings in the Village Hall has been carried out by TCC. Cllr Richards queried why the Risk Assessment did not include reference to the Covid vaccine since this is the most significant mitigating factor against the effects/transmission of the virus and requested that it was included. Cllr Cobb suggested a further sentence be incorporated in TCC's Risk Assessment stating that it was based on the assumption that attendees had been vaccinated. County Cllr Webb will check with the MCC Monitoring Officer regarding this.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.32.