Minutes of a meeting of the above Council held on Monday 28th June 2021 at 7.00pm in Tintern Village Hall.

Present: Chairman Cllr Mrs Shewell, Cllrs Hayward, Hoskins, Hillard, Richards, Evans, Cobb, Ashman & the Clerk.

3093.Police Report: Attached. A joint speed awareness/enforcement operation was carried out on 10th June and was a great success.
Cllr Shewell, County Cllr Webb, Mr David Davies, Mr Jeff Cuthbert & Inspector Nikki Hughes attended a meeting on the 25th June to discuss the continuing problems with drug activity in the village, issues with scrambler bikes, pedestrian safety, Covid precautions, cyclists and difficulty in liaison with the Police. The new Inspector offered to attend meetings and provide better liaison including emailing the Clerk with issues. Asked if anyone has information on specific crimes to report them in this way. One issue with scrambler bikes on lanes is currently being reported and video footage supplied by a member of the community has been forwarded to Inspector Hughes for further investigation.

3094.Apologies for absence: County Cllr Ann Webb.

3095.Declarations of interest: Cllr Richards re 3098.

3096.Approval of minutes of previous meeting: Approved & signed as correct.

3097.Financial Report: Community A/C £12,131.55, BMM A/C £5,642.68. Amount spent on capital to date £500.00, revenue £2,893.03 making a total of £3,393.03.

3098.Accounts for payment:-
Severn Insulation Co Ltd - £9,822.00 (Ch. No. 300232) - Asbestos Removal
from Village Hall Loft Space.
PlaySafety Report on Playground - £94.80 (Ch. No. 300233)
Chairman's Honoraria - £300 (Ch. No. 300234)
Clerk's Home Allowance - £350 (Ch. No. 300235)
Tintern Churchyards Donation - £250.00 (Ch. No. 300236)
Trellech Grange Churchyard Donation - £125.00 (Ch. No. 300237)
Penterry Churchyard Donations - £125.00 (Ch. No. 300238)
Clerk's Salary & Expenses - £317.53 (Ch. No.300239)
MCC - Waste Bin Base - £84.00 (Ch. No. 300240)
Merlin Waste - £66.46 (Ch. No. 300241) - All approved for payment.
Cllr Richards advised that she had incurred £109.01 in telephone charges for participating in meetings remotely. She viewed this as discrimination as no other Councillor had been charged. She advised that if she was not paid she would refer the matter to the Ombudsman, stating that as a fact, not just a threat. Cllrs challenged the payment on the basis that Cllr Richards had received £150 in Councillor Allowances which are stated to be for expenses incurred by Councillors, including telephone charges. Cllrs felt it was a matter for Cllr Richards to resolve with her service provider and was not discrimination by TCC. The Chairman invited all Councillors to confirm if they agreed payment. One indicated the matter required further investigation by Cllr Richards with her telephone company. One voted in favour and 4 Councillors voted against. The Chairman indicated that in the circumstances she could not agree payment.

3099. Planning Permissions:-
DM/2018/01912 - Proposed development of 3 dwellings & conversion of existing Barn on Land to south of Abbey Hotel. Cllr Richards commented on two recent documents, keeping the right of way behind the site clear of vehicles and Cadw's query relating to documents not on the planning portal. Clerk to ask that TCC be kept updated on any revised plans.
E18/328 - Notification of Alleged Breach of Condition, The Bay Cottage.
DM/2020/01303 - Appeal against refusal for siting of Log Cabin, Ravensnest Fishery. Cllr Richards commented that the original proposal was for a Certificate of lawful use or development for the siting of a log cabin. Clerk respond saying TCC support MCC's proposal to refuse the certificate on the grounds it does not meet the definition of a caravan in the Caravan Act and cannot be defined as a caravan.

3100. Updates:-
Tintern Business Forum/Business Resilience Forum - Meeting held 14th June for businesses to present their views and issues to County Cllrs & Officials. Items discussed were the grant situation and issues within the County with staffing and skills shortages from businesses. A presentation was given by principal Covid Regulations Office.
Tintern Ambassador Scheme - The Ambassador Scheme has now started with 11 regular volunteers but difficulty in getting volunteers at weekends. Matthew Lewis & Nicola Edwards of MCC have suggested that four Two-Way Radios are purchased by MCC for use by the Tintern Ambassadors at a cost of £115 each (£460 + VAT). MCC propose to purchase them and gift them to TCC for use by the Ambassadors Scheme. It was suggested they be kept in a secure location, ie the Village Hall. Cllrs approved in principle to take on ownership of the radios and associated responsibility for insuring them up to a maximum of £50 additional premium. Clerk to enquire of Came & Co. that this will not increase TCC's premium.
Wye Valley Villages Project - Cllrs Evans & Richards attended a meeting on 15th June when a presentation of proposals from Arup was discussed, also feedback from the client team and next steps including public consultation. Cllr Richards explained there were areas of concern over their proposals to use private land for public amenity before informing land owners. Cllrs had concerns over the height of any proposed bridge over the river and tidal issues. Cllr Shewell requested more specific information regarding location of the river crossing. Tourism Hub - Since opening of the Greenway Route the centre of tourist activity hs expanded from the environs of the Abbey and includes the whole area from the Wireworks Bridge to the Abbey. Modal Transport Interchange - It was felt preferable to consider two interchnges along the A466. Update awaited. Insufficient parking for tourists has become a problem. A frequent service at weekends and school holidays combined with park and ride locations could help alleviate parking issues. Livox Quarry tourism development needs to be factored into the plan. Cllr Cobb asked if improvements to the pavements in Tintern were discussed. She was informed Mark Hand is also looking into what else can be factored into this project, ie pavements. MCC are meeting to decide their joint plan and will then meeting up with Arup. Cllr Ashman asked if they are looking at existing green paths as some are in a state of disrepair. Cllr Richards informed him MCC were mainly focussing on roads, but will raise this at the next meeting.
Wireworks Bridge - Complaints received regarding misuse of the bridge by vehicles and inadequate signage. Clerk to ask County Cllr Webb if Gloucestershire CC have sorted out alternative access for vehicles to their land. Re-agenda for July.

3101.Reports from outside bodies:-
Lower Wye Valley Building Preservation Trust - No report.
Fryer's Wharf - No report.
Village Hall - Asbestos work completed on time and certificates issued. More of their hires are starting to come back. ROSPA Report awaited. Next plan is to get a fence installed and refurbishment to the rest of the playground. Garden Maintenance Day 3rd July. Tintern Charities are organising a Cream Tea for over 60's on 6th August to be hosted by the VHC.
Llandogo School - Numerous thank you letters from the children for TCC's donation. Clerk email copy to Cllrs. The last meeting of Llandogo School Governing Body will take place next month. The existing body will cease on 31st August and the new Kymin View & Llandogo Schools Federated Governing Body will take control on 1st September.
St Michael's Church - Continuing to hold Sunday Communion Services with Covid restrictions being observed. Now able to sing hymns and the Church is open for a few hours daily. Two weddings have been booked. Restoration completed but no further forward with the drainage, legal documents to be sent out. The organ suffered minor damage but has now been repaired.

3102.Reports from Sub-Committees:- Finance - no report.

3103. MCC Active Travel Consultation: Email from MCC/MonLife re final phase of the consultation to determine priorities for investment in the physical infrastructure of roads/paths suitable for cycling and walking and associated facilities. Consultation period ends 31st August 2021.

3104. Local Democracy & Boundary Commission Final Recommendations Report: A report containing their final proposals in respect of the review of the electoral arrangements for Monmouthshire now submitted to Welsh Government. Copies of report available. Any further representations regarding the report should be submitted not later than 6 weeks from 7th June. Clerk to ask MCC what the implications are with the employment situation and other matters.

3105. Monmouthshire Businesses Shop Local Summer Campaign: Email from MCC re launching of the latest Shop Local Campaign.

3106. Signage on Wireworks Bridge: Email from Ruth Waycott, AONB saying it was felt better signage was needed at this point to attract more visitors since the Greenways Route had been opened. This was discussed at the meeting with MCC on 25th June. Cllr Richards suggested asking for money towards the current wooden sign. Clerk to respond saying TCC support a joint meeting with MCC, Mark Hand, & AONB and Councillors.

3107. Filming in Tintern for Shop Local campaign: Notification from Jan Whitham, MCC that they are filming in Tintern on the 8th or 15th July and have asked for a list of businesses. This has been supplied.

3108. Bee Friendly Planters in Tintern: Cllr Shewell advised that a further five planters were on order. TCC would not want a parklet but would be happy to have five more planters for location at the Village Hall and Lower & Upper Wireworks Car Parks. Clerk ask Roger Hoggins to confirm. Cllr Richards will ask the businesses if they could sponsor them and maintain them.

3109. Correspondence: Email from Mrs Janet Saunders regarding two new signs that have been installed by MCC Countryside at the Wireworks Car Parks & Tintern Station. Clerk to contact Matthew Lewis and express TCC's concerns that they have been erected without prior consultation, numerous complaints from members of the public as they are distasteful.
Email complaint from Mrs Judith Parry, Penterry Farm re stone that has been placed on the verges at the crossroads outside Wyndcliffe Court. Clerk forward this to MCC Highways.

3110.Any Other Business: Letter from Merlin Waste re price increase for emptying of dog waste bins.
Email from Susan Parkinson, MCC Waste re problems some councils have had with the dog waste collection company. They have been trying to source other companies prepared to take this on but so far been unsuccessful. The feeling from other Councils is at the moment to stay with Merlin Waste. There will be a meeting of councils involved on the 6th July.
Clerk to chase Mark Cleaver, MCC re the promised wheelie bins.
Cllr Evans asked if TCC had been informed about around 800 cyclists going through the village last weekend for a St Peter's Hospice Fund Raiser. They had not but the Police had been notified.
Cllr Evans reported that parking had been a problem at a recent event at the Wild Hare. MCC have asked that photographs be taken and forwarded on to them.
Cllr Cobb asked when MCC intend to mow the grass verges as some signs and chevrons are obscured, especially at Pontysaeson. Clerk enquire when this is to be done.
She also asked whether there were any more Angiddy Trail Leaflets available. Clerk to enquire of AONB.
Cllr Richards stated a sun dial has been erected on the end of the village hall.
Cllr Hoskins asked when various roads in poor condition are to be repaired following last winter's floods. Clerk contact Graham Kinsella.
Cllr Ashman stated the statues at the Old Station have been revarnished.
Cllr Richards stated the Fete Committee were planning a mini Fete on the 4th September but have now cancelled this as they cannot comply with MCC's regulations on the grounds of public safety. Councillors expressed thanks to the Fete Committee for the work done towards a Fete in September which has had to be cancelled and acknowledged the disappointment of the Fete Committee and community.
Cllr Shewell asked if a response had been received from the Kennedys re their proposed lease for use of the land below the Filling Station Caf. Cllrs Shewell & Cobb will visit them.
Cllrs Hoskins & Hayward met the Planning Officer over gabions built at the front of Lagreach which they are dealing with.

3111.Date of next meeting: 26th July 2021.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 21.00.