Minutes of a meeting of the above Council held on Monday 26th July 2021 at 7.00pm in Tintern Village Hall.

Present: Chairman Cllr Shewell, Cllrs Hayward, Hoskins, Evans, Cobb, Ashman, Hillard, County Cllr Webb & the Clerk.

3112.Police Report: No report received. Two accidents in the last week. Cllr Shewell asked if we could have information about the scrambler bike situation. Clerk report.
3113.Apologies for absence: Cllr Richards.

3114.Declarations of interest: None.

3115.Approval of minutes of previous meeting: Approved & signed as correct.

3116.Financial Report: Community A/C £2,293.77, BMM A/C £4,142.68. Amount spent to date on revenue £12,307.29, capital £1,000.00.

3117.Accounts for payment:-
SLCC Membership - £95 (Ch. No. 300243)
Geranium Plants for Planters - £54.00 (Ch. No. 300244)
Clerk's Salary & Expenses - £311.50 (Ch. No. 300245)
Merlin Waste - £59.58 (Ch. No. 300246)
All approved for payment.

3118. Planning Permissions:-
DM/2021/01138 - Beechwood, Trellech Road - 2 storey extension. Clerk to comment that there appears to be Velux roof lights being installed in the garage roof. Ask for clarification that the room is not being turned into living accommodation as not mentioned on the application. Otherwise no objections, approval recommended.
DM/00118 has been withdrawn.
DM/2020/00214 - Lagreach, Botany Bay - Gravel on the road from the lane/footpath access to other properties is being washed out onto the Botany Bay Road. Clerk report to Highways.
DM/2018/01912 - Former Abbey Hotel - a new application has been submitted and previous one withdrawn.

3119. Updates:-
Tintern Business Forum/Business Resilience Forum - No report.
Tintern Ambassador Scheme - More volunteers are being sought. Radios purchased by MCC have arrived and are being stored at the Village Hall. The VHC are looking into purchasing a lockable cabinet in the Hallway to store them.
Wye Valley Villages Project - Update received from MCC on the Stage 2 Report. Arup have revised this report and are preparing a virtual consultation to highlight specific aspects of the report. Mark Hand, MCC sent an update on meeting held on 21st June to share ideas for the future of Tintern. Two consultations were discussed - Preferred Strategy for the Replacement Local Development Plan and final phase of the Active Travel Consultation. Several measures have been put in place to address Covid safety measures to support and keep safe shoppers, traders and pedestrians. Clerk send TCC's comments to MCC.
Wireworks Bridge - Report identified numerous defects which require remedial works. GCC & MCC are undertaking the design works to enable the necessary repairs to take place. Due to the continued unauthorised use of the bridge they have no option but to install barriers to prevent vehicular access. Clerk query how emergency vehicles and the land owners would gain access if this was to happen.

3120.Reports from outside bodies:-
Lower Wye Valley Building Preservation Trust - Meeting held recently but no Cllrs attended.
Village Hall - Over 60's Tea organised by the Tintern Charities to be held 6th August. Covid rules and policies are changing and numbers within the Hall will be unlimited. New social distancing and mask guidance has been issued. The Kitchen is now in use. Hoping the fence will be installed between parking and playground in the near future. Designs and quotes awaited for re-designing and refurbishment of the playground. Garden Club Show on 14th August.
Llandogo School - The federation is progressing well ad already showing signs of improving the School finances. The sports events were held without parents being present due to Covid restrictions. Members of both governing bodies have interviewed for a Deputy Head for the federated schools. Six candidates were interviewed formally and informally. There were some strong candidates with Mrs Merrett, a current member of staff at Llandogo being successful. Her appointment will start 1st September when the federated governing body takes over.
St Michael's Church - Still holding regular Sunday morning services, but now allowed to sing loudly, albeit with masks. Had tea and cake afterwards but unable to use the Kitchen. They have the offer of an organist to attend once a month. The overall acoustics have improved and, with the doors open, music can be heard outside. The legal documents regarding the drainage are with the Church's Legal Dept and will need to be executed by TCC. Site meeting held with the Contractors, Sub-Contractor & Welsh Water and it is anticipated work will take 10 days. The Wharf will remain open whilst work takes place.

3121.Reports from Sub-Committees:- Finance. Annual Return submitted to Auditor.

3122. Dog Waste Bin collections & Wheelie Bins: Cllr Richards attended a virtual meeting with MCC Waste regarding problems some Councils have been having with the dog waste bin contractor. Several options were discussed, ie continue with Merlin Waste, MCC procure the contract, or find another company but this MCC have been unable to do. TCC were asked to recommend their preferred solution. Clerk inform MCC that TCC have had no problems with the service Merlin Waste provide and are happy to continue working with them.
Cllr Richards reported that the litter bin by the Wireworks Bridge has been damaged.
The issue of whether the two wheelie bins suggested by Mark Cleaver, MCC at an earlier meeting were still needed was discussed. Councillors agreed that one is still needed in the centre of the village. Clerk notify Mark Cleaver of this fact.

3123. Scrambler Bikes: A Zoom meeting took place with MCC Officers on 8th July attended by Cllrs Shewell, Ashman & County Cllr Webb to discuss the issue of scrambler bikes and 4x4 vehicles. Update email from Paul Keeble, MCC saying they are looking into allocating some resources to develop a process/strategy with the aim of improving the situation. As Highways are busy this may take some time but will be added to their programme of works.
Cllr Evans reported that the green lane behind Parva Springs (381/51/4) is used daily by motorbikes in the daytime and evenings. Clerk ask that Paul Keeble meets with Cllrs Ashman, Evans & Hayward & County Cllr Webb to walk the route to assess the problem as TCC have concerns that it will only be a matter of time before there is an accident involving a member of the public and bikers. It was also suggested that possibly closing this route to motorbikes above Hill Cottage through to Hill Farm and paving it might deter vehicles. Also ask that he lets TCC have an update by next meeting.

3124. Old Station, Tintern - Application for Premises License: The owners have applied for a premises license to serve alcohol every day until 11pm and play recorded music until 6pm. Cllr Shewell has spoken to the Licensing Officer and the applicants have been asked to display the notice for a further period as the original notice was inadequately displayed. Representations to be made 28 days from the 12th July. The applicants had been invited to address TCC about their intentions, but were not present. Cllrs considered this at the meeting. County Cllr Webb will ask Ian Saunders from MCC to attend TCC's meeting to allay their fears for the future use of the premises. TCC send their objection to the application to the Licensing Officer stating that there is a ground swell of public opinion in the community against it. Also lack of communication and clarification as to what is intended, the sale of alcohol late into the evening is wholly inappropriate due to the nature and use of the premises which is predominantly a family based activity centre. There is no residential landlord so premises are unattended at nights and unsupervised when closed. There are already issues with anti-social behaviour, drug misuse after hours and its proximity to the river for drunken revellers. It was felt that the site is a very valuable and attractive asset to the community which is appreciated by young families and will be spoilt, not enhanced, by the provision of the sale of alcohol.

3125 Correspondence: Notification from MCC of the Replacement Local Development Plan Consultation. A Teams Meeting is to be held on 16th August open to any Councillors to attend. The consultation period runs from 5th July-31st August 2021. Cllrs Cobb & Hillard will attend.

3125. Councillor Communication: Clerk is finding it frustrating that Cllrs do not respond to her when asking for notification for attendance at meetings and other decisions. Also communication from MCC to TCC is not always adequate. County Cllr Webb suggested inviting Mark Hand, MCC to attend a future meeting. Cllr Shewell reminded Councillors that minutes are not final until approved by TCC, therefore items should not be openly discussed until approval has happened..

3126.Any Other Business: Email from Matthew Lewis, MCC re complaint about the new signs at Lower & Upper Wireworks Car Park. Clerk notify residents who raised the query.
Cllr Evans reported that he has managed to get a Speedwatch session together but need more members. If unable to do the project will have to close.
St Mary's Church - It had been suggested that as part of the Community Ownership Fund TCC purchase the building. Cllrs discussed this but decided they would not want to take on ownership of the building
Cllr Evans asked if anyone else has been woken at 2am in the morning by low flying aircraft.
Cllrs queried where the other five Bee Friendly Planters were as it had been agreed at the previous meeting that TCC would like more in the village. Clerk to enquire of Roger Hoggins.
Cllr Cobb reported that a number of the road traffic signs are overgrown and vegetation is overhanging pavements.

Cllr Hoskins also reported that the pathway leading from the northern promenade to the VW Garage is overgrown and trees are overhanging the river on this promenade. Also overgrown pavements, particularly the northern end of the village, between The Hospice and Spring Cottage. Clerk report to MCC.
Cllr Ashman asked whether there was any news as to when repairwork to the small landslide on the A466 is to be completed and traffic lights removed. Clerk chase.

3127.Date of next meeting: August 23rd.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 20.32.